Nye: Grading free agency moves for every team so far

CFL General Managers have been working the phones to try to get a team together for 2021.

It has been a steady stream of news flooding in from around the league on who is coming back before the free agent bell sounds on February 9.

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Really Nye? The Lions have done that poor of a job at re-signing their free agents?

So it starts with successfully restructuring Mike Reilly's deal, which had the potential to be a disaster. That lay the foundation for other dominos to fall.

They've since resigned almost their entire O-line (including restructuring Chung and Ryker Matthew's contracts), along with almost their entire receiving core (and Burnham's next). Their defensive secondary is looking really good, with the signing of Marcus Sales, a west division all-star, along with Kenny Ladler, Cioffi, Victor Gamboa (who CFL.ca still hasn't updated btw) , T.J. Lee, and Aaron Grymes.

True, their D-line still needs work, as well as their linebacking core, but remember, they had a front-office change during a pandemic, and two men now managing the job that one did. I know you need to write something about the Lions, but maybe look into things a bit more before you do.