Nye: Forget all-star games; give me a skills challenge

Vernon Adams Jr. opened up the great debate in the Canadian Football League.

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I love this idea. At least for a few years it would be novel. Could be a great way to start the second half of the season.

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Or have them get together before training camp. Run the show(s) to showcase the great characters that are CFL players early in the season. It hopefully gets some new fans hooked to watch the games for the rest of the year.


What a fantastic idea!
How has this never been done before?
Each team gets an opportunity to host once a year, fill a stadium, fans meet players from teams they would never get the opportunity to normally interact with!
Love it!
How does this get presented to the league? Of all of Randys Road Trips he has done I can't believe this had never been brought up.

Welcome RimJob to the community .

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