Nye: Examining Draft needs for every CFL team

Canadian Football League general managers will head into next week’s draft without even knowing what they got out of last year’s draft.

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The Esks have next to nothing for Canadian linebackers, so seems like a glaring need - and fortunate for them this is a very strong & deep crop at the position for this draft.

Stamps should be able to address O-line. Several (local) Dinos products could fit the bill.

Argos might look to a future starting safety and lots of good prospects there.

Not a real deep receiver crop but the Ticats should be able to get a prospect there if they see need.

And Maciocia has added a lot of Canadian talent via free agency and has some good prospects from last draft (like DB Dequoy & DT Lawson). They could go anywhere in the draft with no real glaring need, IMO, including gambling on an NFL interest player (Palmer, Hubbard. A. Jackson)

I don't know if the Argo's are looking for a future safety. They are more likely to continue adding depth to field cornerback spot with Colquhoun, Boateng and Woodson.

The Ti-Cats are probably going Doxtater and Hladik in the first round. If Hladik isn't there are 10, the second round will have McDonald and Cross. I just don't see a reciever going in the first round this year.

I think Edmonton grabs Stevens, if he is there when they pick. They need linebackers and he could also be converted to a defensive end, being 255lbs. With all the Oline talent in this draft, I don't see them using three internationals.

Winnipeg seems fine at running back and Oline, but everywhere else could use help.

Ottawa needs help everywhere.

Montreal could also go any position.

Calgary lost both there starting guards, so Oline is a big need.

BC also any position.

Saskatchewan could use depth at DT, LB and DB.

The Esks already have some excellent Canadian DE talent in Boateng & Betts, and they drafted 3 more DE/rush end types last draft. I bet D. Stevens gets looked at as CFL DE, but maybe also at MLB ? There are lots of good looking LB prospects for them to look at this draft.

The Riders have the Herdman bros. at linebacker, plus Blair Smith, Micah Teitz & N. Onyeka - pretty solid depth even if it is looked at more as back-ups and special teamers.

Woodson started at D-half some for the Argos last year and Colquhon has started at corner for the Esks; they could both end up solid starters in the Argo D-backfield; adding a natural or talented safety would be a real bonus.

Some teams are already loaded at Canadian talent at certain position groups (like the Esks with NI receivers), but lacking at others.

Ottawa may have lost a good starter on the O-line in Johnson, but they have several other former draft picks as good O-line prospects (Fontana, Pickett, Szott); and they added DTs in Laing (proven CFLer) & S. Charles (NFL vet) and have 2020 draft pick Adam Auclair to go with Pruneau, plus former Esks LB Mulumba-T, on their D.

Lots of good Canadian talent in the league now, and with 2 draft classes to coming TC it's going to be crowded for National players; so teams might be more tempted to use a high pick on an NFL flight-risk player this coming draft as more of a futures type pick ?

The Bombers seem to have biggest need overall with low numbers of Nationals on their roster. Not sure why they were not more active to sign some Canadian talent as FAs ?