Nye: Eight pending FAs missing from the top 30 list

You wouldn’t believe my surprise when I saw the CFL.ca Top 30 free agent list released last week.

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You know there is very little in the way of news when you see headlines like this one,

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I can’t really find fault with Nye’s list and don’t understand how most of these guys aren’t in the top 30.

I have said many times that Nichols is the best DB in the league and O’Shea and Nye
agree with me or at least call him the best halfback. Yes O’Shea’s opinion can be taken with a grain of salt, but I point out that it is not like him to single out one of his players as the best.

Remarkably he wasn’t an all star but that I attribute to lack of voter knowledge and little in the way of stats. That is because no coach in the league dares to throw the ball his way, which is the best all star vote possible.


Likely left off the list because the teams they played for last season would be crazy not to be busy negotiating to re-sign these guys.

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