Nye: East teams ready to feast on Thanksgiving Monday

You can’t spell Thanksgiving feast without the East.

Thanksgiving is here and on Monday we’re going to find out who in the East Division belongs at the table in the race for playoff spots.

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The Tiger-Cats need to get Thomas Erlington into the Slotback position much like the Bombers enable Demski, and get their American running back Don Jackson into action. This dual-threat will give the Cats a new look to confuse the opponents and provide the Cats with two powerful running backs.

Agree with you there, but they stubbornly think Erlington is still a guy that can pound out yards on the ground and have also needed a Cdn back for the ratio. It will take STE a couple years to learn and get productive at slot back if they go that route. Don Jackson is a bit similar in style to him, so not sure he would get many more yards behind that oline. They had a promising power runner in Wes Hills who got injured in his first action this year. Should be almost ready to come back and would like to see more of him as a change of pace to Erlington or Jackson.

I feel like Demski is just a solid wrecking ball. He's good in the open field b/c he can run people over and shake tackles that aren't committed. Erlington has had injury issues, I'm not sure he's the same type of player that way. While we're at it, Hamilton needs another work horse grinder at Receiver. They're missing a Tasker-Fantuz type. Acklin is kind of that guy, maybe we'll see more of him like that if Banks and Addison are healthy. I'd like to see more time for the QB to make throws as well...no matter who the QB might be.

It will be a close game. Toronto is still without their starting QB. The ticats will be without Banks. Toss a coin.

The o-line has to open up running lanes. Harris is successful in Winnipeg because of the o-line.Same for the guy in Montreal. STE is a good running back. But just like Willie Bethea back in the day, he needs the o-line to open up some running lanes. Not to worry "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going". Come on cats, make my day. Please.

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When Watford was in, the team actually committed to the run, out of necessity to help out their young QB. They did have some success on the ground there letting the oline be aggressive and teeing off. Generally though the Cats are pass oriented and only throw in the occasional run - they use their receivers on sweeps as much as the backs. Would love to see them try to develop more of a ground game.