Nye: Does the snake draft level the selection field?

In a month’s time the CFL is going to try something new for the draft.

The league will use a snake draft format.

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"Really, it always comes down to which teams do the best homework leading into the draft, no matter what number they select at. " I fully agree with the previous Quoted statement. Calgary, for example, have often picked later in the draft process, for over 10 years, because of their success the previous seasons. They do very well, each season. Look at their historical star players. Teams Like Argos & Als pick early but their performances are often weak, despite them picking prospective stars early in the historical draft process

this was the last piece to the [Johnny Manziel trade]...more like the league rip-off, taking from the Al's and giving to the Cats for a player the league was about to kick out...

He had just entered the league, no talk about kicking him out at the time. Kavis and Mike Sherman were a little too eager to get their hands on him and way overpaid with the two first round picks.

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How did the league take from Montreal? No-one forced them to make the deal

How were they about to kick him when they did it 4 months after the season ended? After giving him multiple chances to respect the conditions allowing him to play in the first place

And its funny because when the trade was made, people actually accused the league of feeling sorry for Montreal and taking from Hamilton to give to Montreal

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Yes let's try out the snake draft in the real CFL draft. It's intriguing.