Nye: Breaking down special teams in the 110th Grey Cup

‘Don’t forget about us!’

Welcome to the life of the special teams units across all of football. We can break down how the Alouettes defence matches up against the Blue Bombers offence and vice versa for days.

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The Special teams play will help determine the Final outcome in this year’s 110th Grey Cup game :thinking:. I truly believe the Als need to win the special teams play, :exclamation: if they have any hope of upsetting the mighty Bombers. :bangbang: :football: :canada:

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Good information and yes, Bombers need heed everything said above, but let’s be more correct, it’s not just overall stats as much it’s game stats head to head Bombers vs Alouettes, in this regard Winnipeg pretty much owns Montreal… however over confidence can be a killer, go with what that Nye Guy says, Bombers are weak underdogs.