Nye: A sneaky good Free Agency signing for every team

During CFL free agency we’ve seen the major headliners signing with new team. None of them bigger than Andrew Harris to Toronto, unless it’s Brandon Banks to Toronto or how about Ja’Gared Davis also to Toronto?

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O'day was hardly quiet in free agency Nye, he kept the guys he wanted to keep and signed Moncrief and Darnell Sankey which was huge. Unlike B.C. and Toronto he doesn't need to try and buy a contender he already has one.

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Jamie Nye ... a absolutely great article, well though out. Saskatchewan's gm didn't do naryily enough to make that team a Grey Cup Champion on home turf 2022. Jeremy Oday actually will be fired once again (Oday not signed to return by upper management 2016, except for the fact he begged Jones for a job) for the second time and out the door 3/4 of the upcoming season rather than later. Nope the Riders gm didn't get it done via free agency 2022. Thanks for the article Jamie!

Hmmm. I did not think he was quiet. Duke Williams added to this receiving core, once Evans gets better makes this a top notch receiving core with Schaeffer- Bakker. Our Line backers, newly acquired Sankey and Moncrief along with Teitz and Larry Dean make this ...likely to be, the top LB core in the CFL. With a little improvement on the O-Line, we can contend once again.