Nye: 10 things I'm most excited about from the '22 schedule

When the 2022 CFL schedule dropped, I immediately dug in first to find the bye weeks for the team I’m closest to – the Saskatchewan Roughriders – to see what weeks to start planning summer or fall getaways.

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The schedule in the fall needs some work like always .

Playing the same opponent 4 times in the regular season is just weird.

Look at some of the schedules from the fifties and sixties when all teams played ONLY their conference rivals. I wasn't following CFL football in those days, but there must have been more rivalries and resentments to make Kapp and Mosca look like bosom buddies.

The best answer to your issue is the establishment of a fifth stable, competitive team in the East. I hope that happens!


Great idea! Let's drop a second team in Quebec or Saskatchewan (which would move Winnipeg back East again), either that or FINALLY get the Schooners up and running! Why is this so hard to do?

I checked it out right away to see if I could take in more than one Lions game on a summer holiday road trip in Canada. Sadly no.

Then one it is. Who do they play?

My vote is for ether Quebec or the Maritimes. The Blue Bombers are a WESTERN team. The Roughriders succeed because they have done very well in keeping the whole province involved in them, not just the Regina area. Expanding to Saskatoon would be like the NFL expanding to Milwaukee, dividing the loyalties of a modest state population.

The Atlantic Schooners are already in progress if they can succeed.
If the Alouettes want to monopolize their province they should call themselves the QUEBEC Alouettes.

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One of them at least should call themselves the Roughriders.

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How about the Roughettes ?

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Works for me.


As long as it's pronounced 'Rough eh?'