NYC Sports Bar showing Grey Cup???

Anyone know a good place in NYC to watch the Grey Cup this weekend? Thanks!

good luck.

just drive the 8 hours or so to Hamilton, hang with the fans of the soon to be Grey Cup champs

You should get it on NBCSN.

jip489, if you find out please let me know. I will be in Manhattan on Grey Cup Sunday.


I found this...

Hi everyone, this Sunday the Saskatchewan Roughriders will play the Hamilton Tiger Cats in the CFL's 101st Grey Cup in Regina. Come catch the game over drinks with some fellow Canadians at Van Diemens, a traditional sports watching hangout for the expat Canadian community in NYC. I'm traveling and won't be there myself, but Jake will stand in for me. Van Diemens is on 3rd between 27th and 28th, and the group will be upstairs.

Dunno, sounds to me like a trap. :twisted:

its a bunch of southerners from deliverance country lookin for some fine pale white Canadian awse to plunder....lmao

We were in NYC in July, when the Riders played in Hamilton and the American Legends Sports Bar had the TSN feed, Gave us a private little corner and our own TV. Don't remember the address, but it was just off of 5th Ave. I believe

Nice guys..
here is the link to the website