NY Times 'Chains' Article

For a game long advanced by technological innovation, from helmets to video replays, the chains are antiques.
[url=http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/01/sports/football/01chains.html?_r=1&hp]Football sticks to an old measure of success[/url]

Interesting the part about a green laser being shot down to mark the yellow line for first down on TV sets i will have to look for that next time I'm at a game... Correct me if I misread that part.

Gotta love the CFL reference in there.....Now I know people are gonna throw out the whole "why do we have to get excited every time the CFL is mention down south". Why because other than Tim Hortons and Bombardier...the CFL is one of the few things that we as canadians can proudly say is 100% pure us, and thats why its always nice to get a little recognition for these things outside our boarders.

Tim Hortons is not 100% Canadian several years ago they were bought by Wendy's, since they have added Tim Horton locations in NE USA

Actually they merged with Wendy’s they were not bought by them.
Also they are a public company so you cant say they are 100% Canadian

I was referring more to the perception by the average canadian more than the actual physical ownership. We perceive that Tim Hortons is truely canadian, also i'm pretty sure that Bombardier isn't primarily canadian owned anymore.