NY/NJ wins Super Bowl 2014 bid

I love it. I wonder what special precautions they've got planned to make sure the experience is a good one?

Oh no worries they'll have a lot of time to prepare. :roll:

I HATE it because just about anything that glorifies New York is overly hyped and usually sucks anyway, but hey a cold weather game is a nice change of pace. If you think the hype about the NFL draft was over the top, with them constantly playing an otherwise great song "Empire State of Mind" that now I hate, you have seen nothing yet.

As much as we've had to hear about this all day on ESPN well before the announcement, for that entire 2013 NFL season for months preceding the game, we'll be constantly reminded by our sorry-butt self-professed "national" New York media clan because they are just mindless chanting corporate frenetic constipated zombies over there like on most on the East Coast including where I live here (and will be leaving) Metro Philly. EAST COAST USA SUCKS! :thdn:

We've been doing this for years in Canada. What took the NFL so long? Are NFL players that soft?
They play games in Wisconsin and Illinois in January, so what's the difference?
Football is supposed to be played in the elements, this isn't golf.
Some of the greatest Grey Cups were in the elements.

Come now, its not fair to hate the entire East Coast because you live in Philly. Philly is a shithole. If not for Detroit, Philly would be the worst city in America.

Move to a real city and everything will be fine.

The NFL isn't really about football anymore.
It's primarily about corporate sponsorship and celebrity glitz.
The Super Bowl Experience is sold to sponsor execs as a vacation.

If those people wake up on Super Bowl Sunday and see rain or snow or
freezing weather, they won't want to sit outside with their mistresses.
So what will the NFL do to fill all those empty seats in the lower-level?
Empty seats don't look good on TV. Just ask UFL Matt.


its the super bowl. it will sell out regardless of where it is and regardless of what the weather is like.

You know what would be funny... If the Jets and Giants met in this Super Bowl. :lol:

OK, so it wouldn't be that funny... The number of suicides in Jan/Feb would probably spike due to the insane media coverage that game would get.

Like others have said, nice to see it played outside. :thup:

Tragic comedy indeed Chief ...we had a preview of that scenario in 2000 when the Mets and Yankees met in the World Series in the "Subway Series" ...probably half of all ESPN coverage was about it ...if it is not the prospect of Lebron! that gets these New York media puppets on especially BSPN giddy on "national" broadcasts like they were when the Jets won a playoff game (and our Colts kicked their butts royally :rockin: to shut them up!), it is the news of the Super Bowl coming there after a "vote" or the next whatever local deal to toot their local horns.

Down here in our "national" media almost entirely based out of Manhattan and Bristol CT, we have to hear on TV constantly and overwhelmingly basically from the representatives of mostly an awful crowd of millions of Seinfeld wannabes in some sort of strange epidemic constipated frenzy who live mostly in Manhattan and in New Jersey who screw up what is a fine town to visit for about three days if so many of them are not around.

It took BSPN until last year to finally open up a studio in LA go figure! :roll:

It's great out West where more folks like me are at least conscious if not also annoyed by the matter compared to when on the East Coast you get an arrogantly frenetic attitude with a mutter of "What's the problem? Problem here? I don't see a problem?" and so forth on the matter. :roll:

Oh, the tickets will be sold.
There's no doubt about THAT.

But will all those corporate execs in the lower-level seats
want to sit outside if there is bad weather?


So long as there is a game played, I would not worry no matter what the weather for sake of the stands being packed.

The worst case is some affluent types offload the the tickets to locals with a game played in near-blizzard conditions.

If the locals have to pile into SUVs, jeeps, snowmobiles, AWDs, etc or just plain hike it to make it they will still pack the stands up there. It would after all literally be the only game in a massive town.

As a co-worker and I were talking today at work, the best irony would be if two cold-weather teams other than either New York team, such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, played in New York for the title.

Definitely I won't be alone as an NFL fan cheering for any such occasion and many others to kick more than just snow in the face of normally loudmouth and obnoxious New Yorkers. :rockin:

X2 :thup: :rockin:

The NFL needs to get more "real" and have SB's every 3rd or 4th year in a colder climate otherwise it comes across like it has been as just some big corporate smooze fest, as stated, and takes away from the game itself.

wake up

You too ...