NY fan speculation about Giguere

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Wide Receiver

I wrote the other day about the fight for the No. 3 spot behind Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham. The Giants have 12 wide receivers in camp, and generally would keep no more than six. Of those 12, you would have to think Samuel Giguere and Todd Watkins have little to no chance of making the final roster. That leaves10 players for six, maybe seven spots, not even counting the possible return at some point of free-agent Steve Smith.

Nicks, Manningham, and third-round pick Jerrel Jernigan are locks. I would guess Domenik Hixon is also a lock, provided he shows during preseason that he is fully recovered from the knee injury that cost him all of the 2010 season.Victor Cruz is probably also a sure thing, especially since offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride has apparently been talking about him as though he could emerge with the third wide receiver job.

That leaves Devin Thomas, Michael Clayton, Duke Calhoun, Darius Reynaud and Ramses Barden fighting for roster spots -- or fighting to knock Hixon off the team if the Giants have any questions about his recovery. Thomas has thus far been the most impressive and Barden, a third-round pick in 2009, remains the player of this bunch the Giants have the most invested in. But, the guy can't stay on the PUP list forever if he wants to make the team, much less actually find a real role as part of the offense. Reynaud has also been better than expected thus far in camp. Clayton's experience helps him, and the fact that the Giants like Calhoun's coverage skills works in his favor.

It's anybody's guess how this works out. There might be questions about who will be No. 3, but the Giants really do have an embarrassment of riches in terms of the depth of the options they possess at this spot.

When Sam finally gets here I hope he's not bogged down by three years of rust.

The ticats will bring him along as quick he can handle it and no faster ..

I worry that some fans have built him up so much that any little mistake he makes will be magnified. I'm setting the over/under on when the first person calls him a bust, bum, etc. at three games.

If all the reviews state he has not looked very good and that he "doesn't come back for the ball" etc why would he fit in with the Ticats? All of our receivers either impressed at NFL camps and were late cuts or didn't fit into plans or too small to be considered for the NFL but had an outstanding NCAA career (Williams) so why would we welcome Giguere ?
If the scouts had said he looked very good at the Giants camp but he's not going to beat out the established receivers then maybe give him a tryout, otherwise don't even bring him in.

First, he garnered enough interest from NFL teams to be a PR player over the last 3 years. By definition, that's a cut above being a "late cut". Do you seriously think guys turn down NFL PR spots to come to the CFL?

Second, those two magic letters: "NI". Complain about the non-import quota if you want, but it's still here, and it increases the value of a player like Giguere. Did Stala, Carter, or any of our other current NI receivers "impress at NFL camps"?

The fact that the Colts and Giants each found Giguere was worth keeping around for a while doesn't mean he'll be an instant star here, but it means some very high profile football minds thought he was worth a good long look. "Don't even bring him in". Seriously? What is the downside to bringing him in if they get the opportunity? Worst case is they get to see him with their own eyes and decide they'd rather trade him. If players like Chris Bauman and Kamau Peterson can still find work in this league, you know there would be teams interested in a Canadian with Giguere's athletic ability. I suspect the team with the most interest is probably the team that has held onto his rights since drafting him.

Obie could probably get a third or forth round draft pick for him. :wink: