never mind. forgot there is 31 days in May. sigh

we should be able to delete our own topics if no one else has replied.

I might add this nuts instead. I am bummed that we don’t get to watch any ED or WPG preseason play.

Would it have hurt them to do just 1 extra game?

Well seeing as you are a Lions fan FYB8)Remember when Mosca accidentally fell on top of poor little wee Willie Fleming in the 1963 Cup and the Lions lost the game ? Well here was the headline in the local BC paper the next day . ;DGotta Love It !!! ;D"Extra !!! Extra !!! Read all about it !!! Ticats win Grey Cup !!! " Fleming knocked out !!! ;D


Bombers game is on.
Just click the play button.

Hey thanks for the link 8)watching the game as I speak . 8)3-0 B.B’s Medlock 47 yd fg .

thank you