"Nurse, scalpel."

Let the dissection of the Tiger-Cats vs. Alouettes game begin.

I will start.

It is obvious the non-import talent on the Ticats just isn't good enough to be starters in the CFL. Marwan is a great guy but his snaps are all over the field, and even though he has been playing with the same players for going on two+ years, he still is blowing assignments. And Peter Dyakowski just doesn't seem to be getting it at all. I don't know if it's more repetitions he needs, quicker feet or what. And Hudson joined in the act and contributed a few holding penalties.

I don't know, but the Canadians on this team just aren't cutting it.

And I don't even think that statement is reserved for just to offensive line.

  • paul

the secondary is definately getting better (compared to the first game of the season). D-Line still needs much help. Moreno looked possessed tonight (in the 1st half).

I am not all that concerned with our Recievers. Prechea looks for real...Scott Mitchell has dropped a few balls so far this season but he has definately shown flashes of what he can do. Bauman is still young and is getting better. If Sam giguere gets cut from the colts then he could be another addition to the Recieving core.

Lumsden really is the "Glass Running Back".

O-Line has to get better in order for this team to succeed. MUCH better.

and i'm sorry but Taaffe needs to go.

After 6 weeks in the 2008 season we already know that this team will be on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

This is a team that if we keep for next season with some changes in the O-line and D-line, we will be on of the premier teams next season

And i no, i am tired of hearing "next season this" or "next season that" and "oh be patient just wait till next season" too but it is the case with this team

I agree and disagree.

The Dline seems pathetic, but its probably the 3-4 plan, as opposed a "skills" thing

The OLine is pathetic, plain and simple, and has been for years. Since the "Cooler" (ie Coulter) retired there has been no "Line Captain", andI agree, heartilly, on bring back Coach Sal.

Give a "real" OLine here, and the QB's can pass, and JL can run (let alone Caulley or Smith)

Lumsden really is the "Glass Running Back".
Glasse Lumsden it shall be! good nickname Jordan.

I think your defensive line is the most inconsistent bunch, as they can't seem to effectively pass-rush. Playing a team like Montreal, the 3-4 should be automatically abandoned for a 4-3, with occasional bltzes bringing the house. The weakness for AC has got to be speed. If you leave him in the pocket, he dissects your secondary no matter how much effort they put in. If you force him out, hurry him, start delivering hits as he releases, he'll get rattled and Moreno and co. will get the sack more often than not, or limit him to a short gain. He can't scramble as well or as fast as your QBs, Burris, Jarious Jackson, Joseph, or even our Ricky Ray can. Which leaves your defensive game planning as the next more suspected culprit.

Offensively, apart from protection issues, there isn't much necessarily wrong. Just not alot of chemistry, as most of the Ticat recievers excepting Bauman weren't on the roster last year as far as i'm aware. Maybe Richie and Casey have to get the recievers in early for unofficial practices, get everyone on the same page so that when protection breaks down, a reciever can see that and help the QB. I think your o-line looks so bad in these losses because the Cats OC despite having 3 talented RBs this year, run away from the running game when things look rough early. Thus, the O-line never gets that chance to get physical and starting gaining that confidence and chemistry that comes from dominating in the trenches.

Just an Eskimo fan's two cents, I freely admit that my analysis from only having seen Ticat games on TV may be totally wrong.

If it was Smith who was taking the hits below the Knees, or at the Knees , All You import lovers would be clamoring for suspensions on the defenders making the illegal hits. All lumsdens injuries are from below the knew tackles or a late hit.Fact.

I think the problem with the O-Line is that since the start of training camp Taaffe emphasized a running game...maybe they need to start practicing pass protection!!! :roll:
I like the nucleus of our young talent,keep the players but Taaffe must go!!!!

Oh, on the plus side, the Cats did put up 33 points on the scoreboard. thats 9 more than the veteran BC offence put up tonight at Commonwealth.

There is talent to burn . just some tweeking,like moving Hage to guard and getting a top (cat) Center.And bring back Dickerson and use him at fullback/ T.E. even if its just to Block.

I thought Hudson was a pretty good centre at one point in his career.

This is a team that if we keep for next season with some changes in the O-line and D-line, will be on of the premier teams next season
8) Try convincing any of our fans with that one !!!
 One of the premier teams next year you say ??  
 Hey, I would be esctatic with just a plain old good team that can play even 500 football !!!!
One of the premier teams next year you say ?? Hey, I would be esctatic with just a plain old good team that can play even 500 football !!!!
Thats not good enough for me. It would be an improvement but I think that attitude is what the owner likes..........exstatic with mediocrity is what he turned this once proud fan base and team into. so sad. I wonder if the edmonton esks fans think that way?
There is talent to burn .
In effigy or actuality?


Its very difficult to judge the talent Obie brings in when you coaching staff does not put them in a position to make plays. The coaching staff needs to be the foundation to buidl a successful team and right now this team looks like a house of cards.

might not be the most creative but it does describe him.

I prefer to go with "The China Doll" for people whom I characterize as injury prone. A player on my touch football team currently holds that title as well.

You know who you are!

  • paul

I dont know what I hate more.......the via sign or the avatars that are too wide and cause it to screw up the page.

From what I have observed, every team we have played has a number of plays that can counter our blitzes and burn us. If our coaches have watched any film, they should be able to see this and design some plays of our own that can counter these rushes and take advantage of the areas left open. The only play we seem to have at the moment to counter a blitz is to run for your life and eat dirt.