Okay, This could be the weakest poll ever. If so then don't vote. However, I can't help but associate p[layers with their numbers. Numbers and Numerology interests me. Work with me here.

Missing Fantuz's #

hes missing a bunch of the riders #s. Thats tells you he wasnt rly trying to make it about individuals. Its about the number itself

my old jersey number #88..

Had to go with that choice.

#0 shows you don't care what your number is

#0 could be used as motivation too (like on that NBA commercial where Gilbert Arenas wore it because people thought he was a "0" and he used that as motivation to work hard to prove himself).

As far as my favorite number on the back of a football jersey, I'd have to say 88. Receiver is my favorite position to watch and 88 looks great on the back of a jersey. 10 is my second choice off that list, usually on running back who is well rounded (ex. Marshawn Lynch in the NCAA.)