Numbers speak volumes

  • 6 of the nine games, Cats have scored over 30 points, though winning only 3 of those games

  • in the 3 wins, the points were 36, 39, and 35, giving up 27, 24 and 34 in those games respectively

  • in the 3 losses, the Cats scored 36, 30 and 31, giving up 39, 33 and 45

  • out of 9 games this season, the defence has given up over 30 points per game in 7 games

CONCLUSION: 1) Scoring points is NOT our problem

                  2) Preventing other teams from scoring IS our problem

                  3) With a bit of defence, we could easily be 6 and 3

Our offence is not perfect, but the focus for any needed change should be defence, ranging from the defensive coordinator who has proved himeslf to be one of the most incompetent coaches in CFL history ( and there have been many), to replacement of some defensive personnel who clearly are useless. More specifically, some defensive line changes, MLB, and some of the important DBs have to be upgraded

I think we will see changes this week, either coaching- or personnel-related. If not, expect to see some new concerts announced, to take the spotlight off the team.

I wonder who the next band will be.... :roll:

I hear its Neil Young, and he will be opening with his hit "Cortez the Killer"

How about

A fool never learns - andy williams


Only the lonely-- roy orbison


i'm a loser by the beatles


that perennial favourite and olden golden goody

so sorry.. by brenda lee.

Don't forget The Song Remains the Same by Zeppelin. 8)