Number One reason our season is a disaster !

I know l am going toget flak for this statement,butl believe this to be true!
The number reason our season turned into a disaster was and is the play of Jason Mass,it
is a huge understatement to say that Jason has struggled not due to a lack of his effort,but on the field he has been terrible!The CFL is a quarterback driven league and how your QB performs so does his team!We are a 2 and 9 team his passes average 7 yards ,he throws way more interceptions than touchdowns,he has lost his confidence and the players have lost confidence in him.You cannot lead your team when you are playing poorly.l know there are people who are going to defend Maas by saying it is not all of his fault!,but l will say this!If Jason Maas had come to Hamilton and played to our expectations and the teams and for sure his own than we would not be 2 and 9 ,Greg Marshall is still the coach,Joe Paopao would still be here and there would be stability and not panic in the Tigercat organization
as we witnessed this week.I believe that if Jason Maas plays like he is suppose to play we are a 8 and 3 team or at worst a 7 and 4
team and everybody is happy!A great Qb makes
everyone else look good and raise their level of play and a slumping QB brings the whole team down with him!Prove me wrong!

I agree that where your QB goes, so goeth your team.

The more I see and read, the more I think there is to this injury thing. But why stick with him so long if that’s the case. Part of the answer is Eakin being shutout in his start, part of the answer is stubborness on RL’s part.

My thought about the LDC is that the Ticats chances hinge on how quickly JM is pulled from the game. From a Ticat perspective I’d like to see RW put in there early.

jason maas is immature and a cfl version of terrell owens, he has no respect for the game or the fans, what kind of leader flips the bird to the fans? time to get casey printers, CP is better than Maas, and CP is loyal to fans and doesnt curse or flip off anybody, anywhere, anytime.

you cannot put the blame on the QB fully.
Maas hasn't been playing to form, true enough so he has to take some of the blame.

But the O-Line has not been giving him the coverage he needs, I notice he is scrambling far too much because his pocket collapses within seconds of the ball touching his hands.

He has made over throws when the coverage has been there and I am sure he knows he needs to shape up.

I think if Lancaster allows Maas to call his own plays he may straighten out. I think PaoPao was calling plays that were more atuned to a more mobile QB like hmm Kerry Joesph.

Maas hasn't developed a good chemistry with the receivers, hell the receivers have been slacking, balls that I have seen go a little out of their reach they do not dig for it, they let it go, and I see guys like Ben Cahoon rocket himself into the air 5yrds down the field to make a catch.

Losing is a team effort just as winning is. The offence isn't producing as a whole. So the defence struggles because they never get a break. The ground game isnt working, The passing game isn't working. Something is not clicking on the offence and its not just Maas.

Playmaker88 - You are going to crusify the guy because he made one mistake, sure it was tasteless. But he is a player who wears his emotions on his sleeve. Humans make mistakes I know we as fans expect a little self control in our professional athletes but everyone lets one slip now and again. He was getting wiped up and down the field that game. Fans booing him and the rest of the team, he let his temper get the best of him.

I am sure he has the utmost respect for the fans, but respect is a 2 way street my friend and he deserves equal respect whether is playing bad or good. A fan disrespected him enough for him to return the favour. Everyone gets heated. Let it go he didn't jump the rail and beat the guy senseless. Its just a finger.

You guys are believable, get over it! Jason is an emotional, extremely intense player! If you go back and look at this years film and replay every mistake, every td called back, stupid penalties offensively or defensively, catches not fought for., Jason isn't the only guy to BLAME!!! You are seriously going to say that he's as immature and classless as T.O., please!! All of you people amaze've never flipped someone off for cutting you off, never been in a fight or had choice words with someone over something stupid!! Now imagine you are at work and some idiot gets a free pass to call you a worthless loser and your family should be embarrassed to be seen with you!! Now tell me PLAYMAKER88...does this happen to you???

The play of Jason Mass is not the only thing to blame for the season, YES he isn't doing well but the whole offence is not doing well. I blame the play calling when I as a fan when I can call the play they are going to call to the exact yard line what do you think the other team is going to think. The whole offence as a team is just not clicking, I don't know why not, they have the quality players that should be able to put together better drives, I hope to see better at the Labour day game.

Gee, just what we needed. Another, "Let's blame ______". Right before the Labour Day Classic no less! Thank you for the stunning insight and analysis. Everyone now feels much better and will enjoy the game all that much more.

Whats with all the short forms ???Enough of them already !!!!!

Do not blame the fans for Jason,s poor play,out of 11 games this season he has only played well in 2,not good enough Ockham.I have been to all of the home games this year and believe me there was nothing to enjoy and feel good about watching the cats play football.Let me remind you the last three home games and not one offensive touchdown and getting blownout in the process infront of big crowds.Jason Maas deserves a lot of the blame and Cat management will deal with it this off season or earlier!!!!!!!!

AS THEcaertaker stated he takes the esponsability for the wheels falling off the truck, but if you asking there was someone else responsible for the TigerCat offence, the former OC came to hamilton, with all his cfl exp, behind him, what else was Katz supposed to do , the team was being critisised for Having a rookie cis HC , they were stuck playing out the whole thing with PaoPao, But it was clear early in the season where the awfull smell was coming from, and it wasnt stelco, looking at the whole situation, Katz wanted to remove Marshall, and PaoPao was heir to the H.C job,now that he,s gone this will be a completely different TEAM and they cant get anyworse only better, its not the players

How do you explain our running game disapeared as well. The answere is simple, the o-line was horrific. No QB could have flourished behind that line. If you are constantly under the gun to get rid of the ball in 2 seconds it becomes very difficult to be accurate. We have to stop running good Qb's out of Hamilton and find a way to take advantage of their talents.

Maas holds onto the ball too long before he decides where to throw it,and his accuracy is terrible.I agree the o-line is not playing the best but a QB with a quick release makes up for a average o-line! Anyone remember Danny Mac.No passing game makes it too hard to run the ball in the CFL,name me one CFl team that has success by only runnning the ball and by not passing it?Maas's poor play will determine his fate and not the fans.I have never seen fans will a team to victory,stop blaming fans who do not cheer blindly when their team consistently gets blownout at home!A fan does not have to be a fanatic to be considered one!

Mass is a good QB he just needs an offensive line, some good receivers who will fight for the ball and a decent offensive game plan geared to his talents.

For all you people out there that are picking on Mass check out the statistics for Eakin his backup.

Attempted passes 46
Completions 18
Completion % 39.1%
Average pass 4.0
TD's 0 yep zero
Interceptions 6

Do you guys want this guy to start in place of Mass. Its very clear the problem is not the QB's its what they have to work with.

He maybe a little better Today Since
in Ron's News Conference
He Said Jason will call some of the plays today

Let wait and See.. how he dose..

The Cats' season went down the porcelain bowl for a bunch of reasons, Maas's play being only one. Others are a poor O-line, an average corps of receivers who don't put out the extra effort (which makes them sub-par), lack of a gamebreaker receiver (Vaughan can't do it anymore), average secondary (that's suffered some injuries), a doubtful backup QB, questionable coaching at every level and at every position, a so-so kicking game and the reluctance or inability of the GM to make personnel changes. Some of these shortcomings make be corrected with the recent changes made by the team but the first 1/2 of the season suffered from all of the above.

The only positive thing about the season so far has been fan support.

An Argo fan

BarneyFife ,you are one of my favorites at summing up the team,easy when you don't have your heart telling your brain how to think,I guess.

You're undercover status as a double agent though is transparent .

Good summary .

My point is...for crying out loud, do we really need another blame thread? If the Cats lose today, there will be an abundance of them you can pile onto. If they win, we can all forget about the season and enjoy the day. There has been a multitude of blame threads and we didn't need another one today.

Just for the record, this site has already blamed Maas...

and Bob,
all the other coaches,
all the other receivers,
the O Line,
the entire defence,
the entire special teams,
Leslie Stewart,
the P.A guy,
the loud music fillers,
the new logo,
the white pants (my theory),
the sparse menu,
the eight dollar beer (another one I relate to),
not being able to smuggle in water,
not being able to yell out the forbidden chant,
and just about anything else you can think of.

Maybe Barney's right. We should re-name it Ivor Whine Stadium.