Number Of Grey Cups Per Team

Sorry Kunga, that statement about dividing up Ottawa wins (8 RR’s, 2 Sens) wasn’t meant for you.

It was meant for me, I know, but still, historically, the Ottawa Senators have their name written twice on the Cup.

We’re all in awe of your eloquence, moses. Spoken like someone who knows absolutely nothing about what he’s talking about.

The Ottawa Senators are the Ottawa Rough Riders, but they changed their name briefly before changing it back again.

The Tigers (5 cups) essentially absorbed the Wildcats (1) to become the Tiger-cats in 1950, and have since won 8 more. However, even though it has operated continuously since 1869, the league, in its bizarre logic, considers the franchise to have begun in 1950, simply because of the slight name change.

On the opposite side of that coin, the Alouettes are not the same Alouettes team that played prior to 1987 (who won 4 cups, as K-K noted); but for some strange reason the league considers them the same team. In fact this new franchise has two championships: one as the Alouettes, and one in 1995 as the Baltimore Stallions.

Here’s The Actual Numbers;

Toronto Has 22: The Argos Only Have 15, But Balmy Beach Has 2, U Of T Has 4 And The RCAF Has One.

 Hamilton Has 15: 8 As The Ti-Cats, The Tigers Have 5, And The Alerts And The Flying Wildcats (Best Team Name Ever) Each Have One

 Edmonton Does Have 12

 Winnipeg Has 10: One Of Them As The Winnipegs

 Ottawa Has 9: Two From The Senators, And 7 From The Rough Riders The Last Of Which On November 28 Of 1976

Montreal Has 7 (Exculding Baltimores): M.A.A.A. Has One, HMCS St. Hyacinthe-Donnacona Has One, And The Other 4 Are From The Alouettes

Calgary, B.C., And Saskatchewan Are Correct, But Missing Is Queen’s University With 3, And The Sarnia Imperials With 2.

Kunga, my man, we was robbed in 1981. Remember that double interference call on Tony Gabriel that wiped out a last minute field goal chance? He does. We would have won. Never happened before, never happened since.

Kunga, my man, we was robbed in 1981. Remember that double interference call on Tony Gabriel that wiped out a last minute field goal chance? He does. We would have won. Never happened before, never happened since.
But still, 9 Grey Cups is not bad. Not to mention the many other times we were in the Grey Cup game.
We’ll be back!

Pardon me, but are you saying Montreal has 6 because Baltimore won the cup one year. Just who is it that considers Baltimore and Montreal the same team? Why is that, because a large number of Stallions players ended up on the Als after Baltimore folded?

If my memory has faded that much (because I don’t bother to surf all over to research) and I just don’t recall then fine, I will take what I have coming. I just don’t believe you can credit Montreal with an extra Grey Cup on this one.


I agree that Baltimore and Mtl are not the same team but not many of the players from Baltimore ended up on the Als because the American teams did not have the same import ratio that the Canadian team did so they lost half of their players right there.

Also it doesn’t matter who won the most cups in the past. Al that matters is who will win it this year. 8)

I think pretty much everybody considers it’s city’s teams to be all the same. We count by city, not by team name.

I consider the first Alouettes and the 1996+ Alouettes one team. But the Stallions weren’t Montreal.

I agree 3rd & 10, it’s the City’s teams that should count as all the same. We should all, for example, give Hamilton and Toronto their fair due.
If you can understand those two convoluted sentences, good on ya. I must be getting tired.

The question is: are we counting the CITY’S championships, or the TEAM’S championships?

The league says the Alouettes are the same team that folded in 1987. But the current Montreal Alouettes are actually the relocated Baltimore Stallions franchise; so I say they have two Cups: 1995 in Baltimore, and 2002 in Montreal.

At one time, Hamilton and Toronto (and I think Montreal) each had several teams that played simultaneously, so counting all their cups as one team wouldn’t really be fair. That’s why I count the Tigers and Tiger-cats as one team: because the Tigers became the Tiger-cats in 1950, and didn’t play at the same time, the way the Tigers and the Wildcats did.

It’s really a matter of preference, I guess.

No matter how good the Colorado Avalanche has done, the Quebec Nordiques never won the Stanley Cup.

A team that move isn’t the same team anymore. Montreal isn’t Baltimore.

You know, the Ottawa Senators appears on both the Stanley Cup and Grey Cup, I don’t think any other team name appears on two major sports trophies.

Just gettin’ a rise BD…didn’t mean anything by it. Love the escarpment! :wink: