Number Of Grey Cups Per Team

My info on these numbers came from the CFL Traditions dvd’s (got all nine from my last birthday)

Toromto 15
Edmonton 12
Winnipeg 9
Ottawa 9
Hamilton 8
Calgary 5
Montreal 5
B.C. 4
Sask. 2
Baltimor 1

The CFL Traditions only went to 2002 so I added one to Edmonton (2003) and Toronto (2004)

Hamilton has 15 pal

Im not sure about Ham having 15 but I could be wrong

Im not sure about Ham having 15 but I could be wrong

I think those are the winner’s totals…HAMILTON , has been in the most, GREY CUPS.

Toronto has won the most.

CFL TRADITIONS… is AWESOME and you can get a version for each team…or buy the WEST and/or the EAST divisons cheaper at

you mean played in

are you following me? :wink: :lol:

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Show me haw you get 15 Grey Cup wins for Hamilton…PAL.
The CFL Traditions went through each year a team won the Grey Cup
Hamilton only has 8 :wink:

It depends on if you are looking at it bu city or franchise. I was looking at it by city, and if Gades had won a Grey Cup :lol: I would have put that under Ottawas.
Ans I am pritty sur that Winnigeg onyl has 9.

According to your calculation there have only been 70 Grey Cups. But there have actually been 92 Grey Cups.

Your information is totally incorrect.

I like looking at that list. The Rens may not make Poll questions in this forum, but we can gloat about our Grey Cups to ease the pain.

Kunga, Ottawa last won in 1976, and should have won in 1981.

im not to educated on this… but he may have just left out some random towns that havnt had a team for like 50 years, just so he doesnt get any questions like…(example) Thunder Bay never had a team, u crazy moron

For the first years of the Grey Cup it was only the east teams playing for it.
Like I said My info came from the CFL Traditions, and when I was first posting this I notice that to. So I could only Assuam that they were going from the time the west and east were playing for it, or there have been some other teams that are no longer around, like I know that Toronto had other teams that might have won? I don’t realy know because the CFL traditions didn’t get into that.

I don’t know where Kanga-Kucha comes up with 6 for Ottawa. The number is definitely 9.

Okay, so I just checked it. Here’s your breakdown:

20 - Toronto [Argonauts (15), University of Toronto (4), R.C.A.F. (1)]

15 - Hamilton [Tiger-Cats (8 ), Tigers (5), F. Wild (1), Alerts (1)]

12 - Edmonton [Eskimos (12)]

10 - Ottawa [Rough Riders (8 ), Senators (2)]

10 - Winnipeg [Blue Bombers (10)]

7 - Montreal [Alouettes (5), AAA (1), St. H.-D. Navy (1)]

5 - Calgary [Stampeders (5)]

4 - B.-C. [Lions (4)]

3 - Queen’s University

2 - Balmy Beach

2 - Sarnia

2 - Saskatchewan [Roughriders (2)]

1 - Baltimore [Stallions (1)]

By the way, in 1911, 1914 and 1920, Toronto was certain to get the Cup because the championship games then pitted Toronto vs. U. of Toronto…

Balmy Beach won two, I think. I live two blocks from the BB club and I don’t know if he included that in his totals for Toronto. I think some of you gave this poor dude a rough ride.

Hamilton…that guy’s a tad defensive…ain’t he? The Hammer’s a sht town with a sht team. Bring it…

Kunga, Ottawa may have had the worst record in 1981, but it was no fluke that they made it to the Grey Cup. You can’t take that away from any underdog in any sport.
And another thing, you broke up Ottawa’s 10 Grey Cup wins into 8 for the Rough Riders, and 2 for the Senators. They were the same franchise. There was no disruption like what happened in 1996. They were stupid enough to change the name back in 1928, I believe, then wisened up after two seasons. Of course history will show that when they took a break from the Rough Rider monicker, some other team decided they liked the name and used it, changing it to Roughriders to avoid copright infringement. Hmmmmmmmm, makes you wonder, do we have any legal grounds to stop the use of that name if we buy back the Rough Rider name from Horn O’plenty? :twisted:
Oh I can see that white R back on our black helmets.