Number of consecutive wins at a new stadium?

I don’t know if this has been brought up before, but does anyone know what the record is for a football/sports team having consecutive wins in a new stadium?

If Google doesn't know, then is it worth knowing? :lol: :lol: :lol:

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I can assure you titlest4, that there will be no such record in Hamilton this year.

Many football teams across North America have had undefeated seasons; i.e. in their

stadium and in all opponent's stadiums.

Thats not the question Rocky.

My suggestion that if there is no official record for "consecutive wins to open a new stadium" to contact the Guiness Book of Records to see about starting one. My question is: should this be done by the team or a fan? (I think corporate records would be initiated by the company - the Cats).

I think it is, Garney. "titlest" asks the question about consecutive wins by a football/sports team

and I answered it in terms of football.

Rocky - the questioner is referring specifically to a team playing in a NEW stadium. So sure the Dolphins went undefeated or some other teams may be undefeated at home in a season here or there in the NFL or CFL - but the question is What is the record for most wins before a team ever loses a game in their new home stadium. So the Cats right now are up to five wins in a row to open a new stadium.

Traditional thinking with sports in general is that often a team does not have as much of a home court, home ice, home field advantage in a new facility because they are almost as unfamiliar with it as the visitors - so it is not as much of an advantage as a team might have in an old home where they get more used to the surface or how the wind impacts the movement of a ball in different areas of the field and things like that. So because of that sort of thing home teams can sometimes struggle a bit in new homes.

So my guess would be that the record for most wins in a row after the opening of a new stadium is probably not that big a number.

The best I can find is the Patriots with 5 at Foxboro. The All Blacks are undefeated at several of their venues but I cant find any numbers.

Your probably right about the All Blacks; I can't find a number either, it's probably a significant one. By the way did you see the All Blacks smash the US 74-6 :oops: (62K at Soilder Feild, Chicago). Worth a watch for the highlites... :thup:

GO 'Cats!!!

Wow. That was a shellacking!

Although I don't like the overall look, "All Blacks" would be a good choice from the Cats' uniform closet this week. The team won their only game played in all black, this year (vs. OTT Oct. 17). Last year, they wore their all black uni's in the Eastern Semi-Final O.T. win over MTL and also 2 weeks earlier when they beat MTL in the game that clinched 2nd place and left the Als in 3rd. Also, in Sept. of last year, there was another all-in-black victory over MTL, in Moncton.