Number 20 for AC

Welcome back number 13. Looking forward to 2013. Now we need a solid backup as McPherson will likely be leaving at Senior's behest.

Great news at 40 AC still has the tools to win. As for Mac3 I hope he signs but some one out West might offer more playing time.

Serge Corbeil has let me know there are as of yet no plans to retire Ben Cahoon's number in 2013. :thdn:

Too soon IMO. Cahoon only retired at the end of the 2010 season. What’s the rush? It’s not like his jersey won’t be retired eventually. We’re talking about one of the franchise’s all-time greats.

You got that a$$ backwards
Nothing would have been better
For me and the entire team...
Than if Anthony had done the right thing
And ridden off into the sunset
Rather than riding this team into the ground

It's unfortunate that we lose our quarterback of the future in the process
Just like we lost our kick-returner and coach of the future
The last two seasons...only to watch them win a Cup for the rival Argos
Coaches deserting a sinking ship
While this team wallows in the delusional sentimentality
Of past glories
And convenient amnesia

With the highest paid player in the league
Locked up for the next two seasons
We can count on several certainties:
A black hole where the quarterback succession should be
A continued policy of letting great young talent slip through our fingers
(we just can't afford them)
And and continued slide towards oblivion

Glad you got your cash there AC
I only hope the team lasts past the next two years
And Chump Change

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

AC has the tools to LOSE
As he proved effectively over the last two seasons:

If Ed Hervey has any sense he'll be on the phone to McPherson as soon as possible
In sure Edmonton will enjoy having the next Warren Moon lead them to glory.

It'll stick in my craw...but i'll sure be fun
Seeing people here squirm when I do a weekly
"I Told You So" segment

Now that the return and signing of Anthony have been confirmed, expect announcements-soon- with regards to some of potential free agents,particularly Perrett and Woodruff. A few extensions could also be announced.- Flory,Cox and Richardson-


sure will be fun "squirming" .... especially since AC is only one member on the TEAM ! And once again, since you continuously chose to ignore the fact that in the ESF he and the O put up over 40 pts and that he does not play D which surrended over 50 in that game. :roll:

C'est une bonne nouvelle pour l'équipe, mais il faudra que deux nouvelles choses surviennent cette saison : que l'équipe donne plus de temps d'entraînement aux jeunes quarts, qui qu'ils soient, et que Calvillo prenne du repos un peu après le milieu de la saison.

Les deux dernières saisons ont montré qu'il ne peut finir en force lorsqu'il joue toutes les parties de la saison régulière.

Si le jeu de Calvillo demeure globalement de haut niveau, il demeure qu'il est peu probable qu'il joue 3 années au-delà de la prochaine. Il faudra donc que l'équipe prenne sa relève en mains dès cette saison.

Il est clair que McPherson va tenter de compétitionner pour un poste de partant aileurs. La question est de savoir si, compte tenu de ses 3 dernières prestations à la barre de l'attaque des Alouettes, il intéressera encore les autres équipes. Si Nichols ne se remet pas bien de sa blessure, Edmonton pourrait être une bonne destination pour Adrian. Il pourrait également avoir sa chance à Winnipeg, maintenant que Burke est entraîneur-chef. Mais sans doute que là s'arrêtent ses opportunités et s'il ne trouve pas preneur au printemps prochain, souhaitons-lui qu'il y ait encore une place pour lui avec les Alouettes. Il aura 30 ans au mois de mai.

You guys should be extremely lucky to watch AC for another 1-2 years, not only a class act but a true hall of famer and one of the all time best.

Not particularly surprised but not overly excited either. Our offense performed in bursts last year and went several drives in a row without first downs in most games. AC got his yardage last year in those bursts but it wasn't so incredible that I was hoping Calvillo would come back. Id much rather the team be inconsistent on offense while a new QB learns the ropes than inconsistent with a QB that's on the cusp of retirement

Those inconsistancies were for numerous reasons. Some of it was on AC, some on scheming, some on play calling some on drops and blown assignments. He's just a cog...


Johnny was expecting Senior to blow a gasket, to burst a pipe, to bust a nut... And the Senior did not disappoint! :smiley:

We got us some classic "Senior ah me delusional outrage" right here dudes!

Johnny looks forward to the tight end's poetic rants in the coming weeks!

Don't ever change Senior! [/i]

But seriously Senior, if the Alouettes win the Grey Cup in 2013 with Calvillo at quarterback, are you gonna be a man and suck it up and admit you were wrong and apologise?

well i'm just glad that's done and over with. 20th season for number 13 in 2013. A numerologist's dream. I guess we'll retire Cahoon's jersey at the same time as AC's when his time is finally done.

Happy holidays to everyone here, yes even to senior. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even SAM can't be serious with that assessment.

Dr Jekyll et Mr. Hyde?

Well, no comments from me at this point about the signing. We know what AC can do, but as has been said by many posters, Anthony is an important, but still a single piece of a larger puzzle. Other O players are going to have to step up. To be sure, we couldn't get a lot of traction this past season due to the fact that AC had to get in synch with new players in the backfield.

So, I certainly hope that the two Brandons will be back, playing to their potential, as with J-Rich, SJ, and Bratton. Also, the "second team" will have to come out to play; Anderson, Devine, Guy...

If Anthony has a two-year contract, that doesn't necessarily mean he will be around until the end of that contract. For the past several years, we have all been waiting with bated breath for his decision to return - or not. I think that at some point this season (and next, if he returns for the 2014 season), whoever is the backup, perhaps the 3rd-stringer as well, needs meaningful playing time.

Anthony became the star-studded QB he is in no small part due to his mentoring by Tracy Ham. I believe the time has come for him to do something analagous. Understandably, any head coach will always want to ride a winning horse (as long as he keeps winning, that is!), but I think he has to balance that against the possibility of losing his starter to injury and inserting a backup with little or no experience under center. The O-line kept AC pretty clean, although he did take his shots; he didn't have to undergo surgery to his shoulder for nothing.

So, I take this as good news, but the other cast members have to do their part as well. I hope we get our team back, or even better replacements, that they can stay healthy for most of the season, that replacements, if needed, can fill the bill, and finally that the Als will field a highly efficient team to allow Anthony to ride off into the sunset with stats that may never be broken holding one more GC over his head (maybe two?)!

Assuming we can re-sign our O-line free agents, we've got a pretty good chance of keeping Anthony healthy enough that the injury worry isn't particularly significant. Sure, any starter can get injured at any time, but if you look at last season, the only two QBs to start every game for their respective teams were the 40-year-old Calvillo and the 37-year-old Burris. It's not like being younger makes you more durable. Just look at Tate in Calgary and Pierce in Winnipeg.

If Calvillo weren't 40, would anyone be talking about his backup, given the level Anthony is playing at? Not a chance. So let's forget about age. The team's biggest challenges are NOT at the QB position. We need:

[ol]- A solid defense (something we haven't had since 2010)

  • Special teams to be at least competent (something that's gotten worse every year since 2010)
  • The return of the West Coast possession game on offense (which we haven't done since -- surprise, surprise! -- 2010)
  • Some damn injury luck (if you guessed that we haven't had it since 2010, you are absolutely correct :wink:)[/ol]

If we take care of those four issues, we have as good a chance as any team at winning the Grey Cup.

A very well-reasoned post, d&p. Jim Popp should hire you, in some capacity or other. . .