number 1 pick...

The Riders said they are interested in the number 1 pick Hamilton has. How much should they give up to get Dylan Barker? Argos 1 and Eskimos 2 they got in trades? More? Barker is a Moose Jaw boy. Reading Madanis mock draft on front page. He sure sounds like a good 1st pick.

I am not sure there is any need to trade up. I suppose there is some pressure to "draft the local boy". No doubt ET has heard a few comments regarding Bauman last year, and as he was a central figure in the Clermont deal a few years ago, he is quite aware of that one.
But giving up the 5th and 10th pick to get the #1 is too much. We will get a pretty decent prospect with the 5th pick this year, and there is no consensus number one, so why bother trading up at all?
If we did move up, our 1st and maybe our 3rd pick(24th) at most. Or someone off the neg list, or even a roster prospect(non-starter).
If ET were to make the deal you suggest, I won't be outraged...just a little surprised. I was already surprised they would publically state their interest. I am sure O'B's ears were twitching....and the price went up slightly...

You would be suprised?

This is what Tillman said. Riders would like to have the number 1 pick BUT only at right price. Said he and OB had talked about trade. But said there was difference in wanting 1st pick and needing it.

Which is pretty much what I said...moving up simply isn't worth much--especially as there is no consensus #1 pick.

Unlike the consensus #5 pick.

Isn't that now Emry...?

Here's hoping...