Number 1 Pick in up comming draft

Hi quick question. who is projected to be the number 1 choice? does anyone know?

We should try to draft a good receiver if one is available in this draft.

If we win one of our remaining games and Edmonton loses their games then we won't have the number 1 pick Edmonton will based on the fact that we beat them head to head twice this year.

Way back in April, Duane Forde suggested

In 2007, barring deferrals, Akron wide receiver Jabari Arthur, Toledo defensive tackle J.P. Bekesiak, and Michigan State offensive tackle Mike Gyetvai should be among the most talked about players south of the border while McMaster guard Kyle Koch, Saskatchewan tackle Jordan Rempel, and Laval safety Yves Hercule will emerge as three of the top prospects in the CIS.

I love the excitement and glamour of picking up more receivers, but right now, I think our greatest need is on the offensive line.

I don't car who we pick, as long as the guy can start and make an immediate impact at his position.

I dont think our O-line is that bad,Ibelieve they were poorly coached.
Ever since Coach Sal has been back we have looked better....

The team has several OL from the 2006 draft that could crack the 2007 lineup they being Chris Sutherland, Cedric Gagne-Marcoux and Peter Dyakowski. The later 2 may get a look in the NFL.

My wish list for the 2007 would include a big, sure-handed Canadian SB/TE and a "Hitchcockian" style safety.

high picks are a crap shoot as you never know if they will sign or try the NFL....