Number 0?

"Butler, who wore No. 12 with the Roughriders, said he would like to wear No. 0 with the Tiger-Cats to signify a new start."

i dont know what rocky is thinkin here... he wants a new number to start off a new chapter in his career but to tell u the truth i would not buy a jersey with the number 0 on it, im all for ya rock but couldnt you stick with a good QB number like 12,17,18,19, or even 7 n 8 those r good numbers id be willin to stick on my back with ur name on it, but 0? nah

0 different and is good. He's not following the pack. What ever gets us 10+ wins i'd be happy.

0, you say?

Hmm... If I were a QB, I would be worried that it would look too much like a bullseye. :wink:

I wonder if Rocky is a Gilbert Arenas fan?

If he plays anything like him, at least we will score some points at home.

aha plus if he under performs that number could turn into a nightmare with Ken Peters

I wonder if Rocky is a Gilbert Arenas fan?

Possible examples abound:

"We "0" The Win To Rocky"

"R0cky Wins!"

"'O'de to our Bengal Bunker"

"'O' so close for the Cats..."

"Zero The Hero"

Makes me shudder! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

'0'ski Wee Wee,

Zero to hero....i like that one

nah way

IIRC, Canada of the Bombers wears 0.

Ike Charlton of the bombers wears #0

No, Ike Charlton of the Bombers wears number 0. It always amazes me what people are actually "seeing" when they watch CFL football.

0 shouldnt even b a number on A jersey, it looks rediculas

he had #2 at Press Conference Today

I wear 00.

For what it's worth, probably nothing, we know zero is an even number.

Rocky is now going to be using the # 2.

I heard it from the horse's mouth.

number 2?? thats brutal, a QB with number 2.. at least number 8...or somthing

Didnt Flutie wear #2?

Tom Clements wore #2!