NUDE Fan runs onto the field

what is it with you Canadians??

I don’t know what you’re talking abou.

Does this have to do with that dunrk guy in another topic???

Streakers hahahaha

Tell me about streaking lol. One day I had a highschool football game and at the half time when we were getting a prep talk from our head coach Franco Rocca (some of u might recognize his name) he was on the Ti-cats offensive line in there 99 grey cup season (he wasnt a starter as most of u probably can figure out as well) But anyways back on topic at the half we had 3 guys run by our team wearing nothing but a George Bush Mask it was quite hilarious actually. But you see it to often these days. Do people like being charged for Indecent Exposure or is it just me??

The last time I remember a streaker at a CFL game was at the start of the 1975 Grey Cup in Calgary. How’s that for Northern Exposure?