Nowhere near a sellout!

Who cares what the attendance is. Life goes on. If you want to go to the game, go and enjoy it. The bottom line is the team has to go out and take care of business even if nobody shows up. Don't worry about what other people are doing with their weekend. Enjoy the game

Well said not_a_b! We've got some great fans here in Hamilton, no question, most of us right here on these boards. But overall, this city is a chump city where a lot of people couldn't care less about their own city, including the politicians. Just want to identify themselves with Toronto really, and Buffalo and not give back anything to the place they live and make it a happening place. I think it's sad really. I'm speaking of those with some money who don't give the time or day to the city unless it's a "gala event" with a place to be seen to be anybody.

Sudbury_fan - if we win every game in the season (including the GC) BUT Labour Day, I will consider it a losing season... lol

For what its worth...Sean Fitz-Gerald in the National Post today is picking the Tiger-Cats to win on Monday. He says the blue team is going down "like a sandcastle in the tide."

We can hardly wait for the game. We bought our tickets two weeks ago. The first time for my family of four at a Labour Day game. I brought my son last year for the Calgary game and the whole experience was great!

He made me promise him then that we would go to Labour Day this year so we're making a day and a night of it.

Three hour ride home for us and my son has to go to school the next day that's the deal we made but I honestly believe that the experience of the game will be a greater memory then the first day back at school in my opinion. You only get one chance at a first time Labour Day game.

See you there!!


Super Rev! I wish my Dad had done this when I was young and it would have just been a 1 1/2-3/4 hour drive from London. But my Dad was great to be honest nonetheless.

The fact is that my Dad did exactly that which is why I am doing it now. I became a life long fan. The caveat is Dad worked at Dofasco at the time and we lived in Burlington.

Well, if you're not at the game, then you are not much of a fan.

I don't care how many people show up...I just hope its as loud as it was for the last game. That was sweet.

A rather assanine statement don't you think?

There could be many reasons why someone could not attend and to have them strip your title as a fan is ludicrous!!!

How about if you're not at the game either physically or virtually (tely, internet, radio), then you are not much of a fan unless there are impelling reasons to not attend. :wink:

I once had a boss who equated virtual reality with reality, well, almost anyways!

Very well said. This team is a big part of our community. It's not about football in the end. It's how this game brings together families and friends and in my case this labour day, my neighbors.

There are a group of 15 of us going to the game and 50 stopping by my place for a pre-game barbecue. I am even doing some Labour Day Football Squares. Like one member said, to me, this game is the Grey Cup!

Oskee wee wee. Let's sell this stadium out HAMILTON!!


School is important, but you can't beat memories like going to event like this with your family. Win or lose, Labour Day is the funnest day of the year IMO.

I look forward to the day when my newborn is old enough to attend a game and our family of four enjoys our first labour day as a family.

And hey, the kids don't do much that first day anyway. I can picture your boy head bobbin on Tuesday. :slight_smile: That's why I took Tuesday off of work. lol

And a three hour drive to boot? I think you should submit a story to the 'My Tiger-Town Moment' next week. Seriously!


Well guys,

I have to agree Labour day is extremely special in Hamilton. Against the dreaded blue team!! I still, don`t put it up there with winning the Grey Cup but it is an amazing day! I hope that we have at leat 25 000 for the game on Monday.

Gotta say...a couple years ago, I a million years, thought that there'd be anything less than an overflow crowd for this game.

But, it is what it is. I think we'll be closer than what people think.

I think the labour day sell out thing is a kind of urban legend, folklore type thing that doesn't really stand up to scrutiny. People say it all the time but I recall the announced attendance being 2-5K shy several times. Labour day crowds are always the biggest of the year, no question, but I don't think they've been actual sellouts for quite a few years. With maybe the exception of the first few years of the Bob era.

I'm sure the info is available somewhere, and I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I'd be very surpised if there were more than two or three Labour Day games that were actual sellouts in the past 10-12 years.

Not that it matters much - you get a good crowd, a great rivalry and, if the game is anywhere close to a good one, the atmosphere is fantastic.

Pretty sure the 05 or 06 labour day game was soldout.

I will be there with 5 other people(although one is undecided) I just hope they have 6 reds together at the box office.

I'd be there if I could, but it's a tough commute from NB.
Darn those late starts.

23,000 seats sold far according to this morning's Spec.

Agree with section8.

The LD game is subject to all kinds of myths. In 25 years I can only recall maybe two or three bona fide sellouts.

LD wasnt always agasint the Argos and it wasnt always an afternoon game. Thanks to the internet it seems alot of people, and Spec hacks, have the long term memory of a flash bulb.

Yes, a 730 start is a horrible tragedy. But maybe if we all pull it together as a city and fanbase we can get through this.

IMO 25,000 or so would be a success all things considered.