Nowhere near a sellout!

I don't know, but I was checking the Ticketmaster website and there seemed to be a lot of good tickets in between the 25 yd lines....

I picked up two down low in Box C...

Four days before Labour day.....hope that there is a good walk up crowd.

I was just reminded that I can't trade any of my other season tickets in for the Labour Day seats. 'Never waste a ticket', the greatest deal for my money, doesn't cover Labour Day because all the great seats will be sold out anyway.

"Buy a season ticket and you will NEVER HAVE A WASTED TICKET! Bring any unused regular season game ticket to the Ticat box office and trade your ticket for one of equal value to any future regular season home game other than the Labour Day Classic. (Subject to availability)"

I will have to miss next Saturday's game (BC) and will thus be hosting a crowd at the September 19th Winnipeg game, which I trust will be critical to our play-off hopes!

Of course I can't wait for the full house on Labour Day.

Oskee Wee Wee

Not with a late game I do not think the walk up will be that good.

i know its the annual guaranteed sellout but,with avg attendance dropping like a stone this year,why would labour day be any different? how many young children
are really going to be at a 7:30 game the night before school? the tv #'s are up the last couple of years, i'm not sure they needed to go primetime with this game.


Really, it shouldn’t matter. Obviously, it says something about the team but they’ve beaten Toronto twice this year. Plus, they are a much better team then the last two seasons.

Time, team, etc. are no excuse. Are you telling me there aren’t 29,000 Ticats fans out there for Labour Day?

I know we like to think we are the best fans in the CFL but I think we think much too highly of ourselves. We could end up being at the bottom of the League after this Labour Day. Maybe they should just put it in Toronto for next year.

I am speaking too soon…I guess we’ll just have to see how many show up.

I agree. We've had some bad teams and still pretty much filled the place. I think its too soon to say. The weather is going to be great, and you have all day to coordinate a trip to the stadium.

I don't think it will sellout, but I don't think it will be far off, either.

Who cares what the attendance is. Life goes on. If you want to go to the game, go and enjoy it. The bottom line is the team has to go out and take care of business even if nobody shows up. Don't worry about what other people are doing with their weekend. Enjoy the game.

it might not be a sellout but it will be close. this game is getting hype all over the place. for the last weak they have been talking about this game on the fan, there was the drive through, the y 108 sticking with the cats, and there are a ton of bars with bus trips to the game.

I agree - the teams needs to tkae care of buisness and beat the A*&^ soundly.

im not too concerned about the attendance, remember how loud it got August 7th against the blue team after that little scuffle? and i would expect a bigger crowd this game than that game considering its the labour day classic and we have destroyed T.O twice this season.

honestly, I hope there's a couple more of those 'scuffles' in this one. It just dramatically ramps up the energy in the long as we don't take a 15 yarder at a crucial point.

Was listening the the Fan 590 this weekend and heard Duane Ford talking about the Labour Day match-ups, and how Labour Day should be a game that no matter what position your team is in fans should get out there and support it. It's always a playoff type atmosphere. Let's hope Hamilton fans also see it this way. Get out there and support the team.

That changes EVERYTHING! I'll do whatever Duane says.

Look for one of these Labour Day:

there should be 22-24,000

i know its the annual guaranteed sellout but,with avg attendance dropping like a stone this year,why would labour day be any different
8) When was the last actual sell out for Labour Day anyway ?? It's got to be at least 2 or 3 years now.
 You're right, it won't be close to a sell out at all.  Maybe 24-25,000 if lucky !!!

I'll probably be taking 3-4 friends to their first Ticat game this labour day.. hopefully it isn't sold out..we still haven't purchased our tickets unfortunately.

Ive only bought tickets the ticket box office at the stadium open tomorrow? What are the hours?

I guess what I am trying to say that I was shocked that I could get two midfield tickets 2nd row at this late date.

Even with a 2-6 record, the Cats are in the playoff hunt and I think that they might be the favorite for second place. I would have thought this game would have sold out weeks ago...

Too bad......

Keep the faith. Given the past three years I'm amazed the joint is half full. Get our starters back, rookies get some experience, continuity in the coaching ranks and all will be good - attendance included. In the meantime, enjoy the ride. It's still the best brand of football anywhere.

Ockham, we are on the same page when it comes to the Cats. Win or lose it is still the best brand of football available to watch. When we lose it only makes the victories that much sweeter. A victory at Labour day is as good as a Grey Cup to me, and as long as we beat the Argos all year then the season is a success in my mind. If the Cats win every game in a season I will be the same fanatic as if they lost every game. It is only a game. Would I turn my back on a friend when they were having tough times? Probably not. Go Cats Go!

8) The hours for the stadium box office and the Jarvis St. office are all listed in the Sticky post at the top of the main page, for the entire Labour Day Weekend !!!