Nowacki resigns with Esks

Not really surprising, but I'm glad to see it nevertheless as I think he has proven himself to be a dependable receiver.

All-Star DL Dario Romero has also signed a two year extension:

"Dario is one of those players you want on your side when go into battle. He's intense and that carries over to the rest of the D-line". says Eskimo General Manager and Director of Football Operations, Danny Maciocia.

Oh rpaege... he didn't quit :wink:

Huh? Quit? Who?

I think he's alluding to the title...resign = withdraw, re-sign = sign again...

Since I've gotten absolutely nowhere in trying to get posters to properly use "than" and "then" and quit mixing them up, I shall refrain from getting into the "resign" and "re-sign" debate.

He re-signs Nowacki but trades Shabazz. Can someone in Edmonton give Danny M. a poke in the head please? :wink: