Now Winston Venable has retired

The Canadian dollar is a huge issue with our imports. Toronto is a city that has huge living expenses. These two factors have to be an issue with American players who likely have to lower their cost of living standards as compared to the situations in their home town.

If they don't start paying players more, this will wind up a ghost league. It's pretty insane that we're seeing top-quality players retiring from the game at age 30 because the paycheck just isn't worth the physical punishment.

My hunch, looking at the opposite dynamics between Canada and the US. Our dollar has not finished plunging.

Agreed. There's a long way to fall. But this group of mafioso owners want to keep the league in the dark ages, just like the original-six NHL. This game of football is too brutal and short to treat players like horsemeat. More and more of them are going to play just to get a taste for a few years, then call it quits and move on to a more stable profession that doesn't put them at severe risk for dementia in their '50s. To me, every player in this league should make 100k as the base. You pay star players more, sure, but at MINIMUM a guy on your roster is making 100k to compensate for the exchange rate, the insane physical punishment, the cost of uprooting his family, etc.

The Current CBA expires after the 2018 season.

Falling Canadian dollar, lots of empty seats, many more players per team to entertain smaller crowds than other sports, soccer rising up in popularity, raising awareness of concussion risks/effects..
And Toronto, team of the biggest marker in the league.. has been a disaster for a long time, and Montreal has really devolved for years now.

It could just be that the economics of this league just doesn't support player wages worth playing the game, for some who have decent alternatives outside of the game at least.

For me this is a QB driven league, and what irks me is that we can't seem to find 9 good ones on a consistent basis.. especially here in MTL since Calvillo left. So out of ideas we're left overpaying for a Durant with his best days far behind him, and a strong breeze away from injury.

Unless Venable speaks on this subject himself, nobody here knows his exact reasons for retiring. He could have just changed his perspective on life. The guy just turned 30, and I believe has a small child. He might be thinking that now is time to be closer to home.

Venable was also involved giving Joe McKnight in what looked like a helmet-to-helmet hit in McKninght's 2nd to last game. Not saying that Venable gave him a concussion and/or is somehow responsible for McKnight's road rage, but perhaps Venable sees things differently now and no longer has the mentality of being nasty which is required to be a professional linebacker.

Everybody thinks money is the only reason, but Venable was in the upper range of salaries who just signed a contract this off-season. I do not remember the exact numbers. Something like $140-160,000.

And that is the one position in the CFL besides the HC and GM position that pays well !

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