now who is the best receiver?

who would you say is the best receiver now on the hamilton tiger cats?

Its hard to say,nobodys really stepped up yet...

well there hasnt been a real dominate receiver but i'll say brock ralph he has done the most so far and has the most experience and has stopped dropping passes and has limited the offsides

ya your probably right on that call..

ya and he has speed i would say on eof the fastest receivers in the league but maybe not

Jesse Lumsden

Carl Ford with Chang throwing him the damn ball.

On Aug 25th I think we will see that Chris Bauman is our best receiver. I really think he will make up for that dropped pass that was a sure TD in the Edmonton game.

Brock Ralph has the best numbers but nobody has been given much of a chance to do much.

Too bad Ford didn’t work out here. I liked his moves and instincts.

Probably McCants, but I guess we'll never really know unless somebody decides to pass to him... Of those who routinely are thrown to, I'd say Lumsden. He usually makes things happen after he catches the ball, like that cruddy little wobbly pass last game that he turned into a big gain.

Lumsden so far!


You know who I think is our Best WR
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Steve Stapler!

I once saw him punt a ball 80 yards!

In all seriousness, I would have to go with, hmmm, I don't know. It is a toss up between Talman and Brock. I will go with Talman because he is a better dancer.

  • paul

Brock Ralph and Nate Curry.

Still Brock Ralph in my books although Nate Curry and JoJo Walker have really stepped it up the last couple of game. Very incouraging to see the WR corps picking up their games. Felt bad for Bauman. Shake it off dude, you'll have plenty of "big" catches in your career.

Well said about Bauman in4td. This might sound crazy but I think we just might end up having one of the best receiving corps in the league come the end of this year and heading into next year, and I'm serious, a great mix of Canadian and American talent. :thup:

agreed everybody is getting down on the receivers they arent that bad they just dont got a qb that can get them the ball maas is terrible all he cares about is stats why dont they give timmy a shot obviously maas cant get a win and there has to be some kind of a change. plus if maas didnt have jesse on the screen pass they couldnt move the ball with the pass game get rid of maas.

We have a bunch of #2 type receivers, but no #1 and this hurts us because we don't have that go to guy in crunch time.

We've had lots of No. 1 guys (well at least they are No. 1 guys now on better teams than the Cats). We traded them away because they didn't perform in Hamilton through no fault of their own. It's hard to stand out when the QB can't get you the ball. Flick and Peterson seem to be doing just fine now thankyou....
I think we have the makings of an outstanding receiving corps. Now we need someone to help make them look good.. I'm not holding my breath.... So we'll trade them all at the end of the season and start over again next year. Patience my fellow fans patience....