NOW where do you think the riders will finish?

now tat weve got Joseph and Armstead. where do you think we will finish.

Im thinking 2nd or 3rd. becuase weve got joseph, a great o line, weve still got Kenton Kieth, Dominguez and armstead. Were gonna be contenders this season.

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It would only let me make 3 options.

I would say , unfortunately, that we will finish last. We did uprade at QB, but i said before , he is fragile, so it remains to be seen wether or not he can last a full season. Saskatchewan seems to be a black hole for QBs, it seems they do much better after they leave here. Tom Clements and Tom Burgess are good examples of that.

He's fragile? I don't remember him missing many games last year, I think he actually only sat out one game last season and that was behind a suspect O-Line, he'd have to take off and run 60% of the time and he would take some nasty hits. Here in Saskatchewan he should have a lot more time in the pocket and will be more likely to get a pass off instead of tucking the ball and running with it. That's not to say Joseph won't rush here because I'm sure he will. Joesph threw for 4500 yards last year behind a poor O-Line and with poor receivers. Behind a solid O-Line and with a couple marquee targets he should excel here in Saskatchewan

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i agree 100% with jeremy

Cuz I really hate EE and becase I want to see the Bombers Vs. Riders in the GC, I'm saying secord.

you guys did the best our of the D Dafht, and still have most of your best players from last season, should do well.

Kanga, when will you learn, that you don't make predictions on what you want to happen. you make predioctions on what you think will happen. Not saying your pick is wrong, just the way you got to it.

.....can you imagine though, a Rider-Bomber GC?!....the stuff of legends I'd say.....

I think it would be quite entertaining. especially since its in the peg this year.

Billy, when I make a predition, I use both, that's why I didn't get .500 in BD's GC challenege, but I got 4 and 1 by using mostly insinct.

bottomline is that it's a prediction, it not reailty, but god knows I'd like it to be.

Omg winnipeg and saskathcewan in the final would be soo intense lol, not that far for rider fans to drive, would be a hell of a game!

it would be great to see that.I could see fights happening in the stands hopefully i won't be in one

2nd…holy schlit…it will be a dog fight just to get in the playoffs in the west…

(and, on an off topic note, that's why the Cross Over should survine, becase there will always be the potensal for an Banjo Bowl GC, no matter how small, when WPG returns to the West)

I agree that it will be a dog fight to get into the playoffs Pigseye, But I think that dog fight will include every team, with any team having the chance of missing and any team having the chance of being tops.

agreed Billy.......every team is just an injury away from missing will be a real endurance usual........

I can't wait

me two, here's to the possibliy of a Banjo Bowl GC!!!