Now what?

Is it time for training camp yet.

Let the games begin.

Guess I will have to settle for being entertained by the Rams, Saints, and Chargers for now

If anyone finds CBA negotiations entertaining, I think that’s what’s next on deck!

Season Ticket Renewals!

Chess World Championship will be decided Wednesday.

Next step should be the opening of the free agents market in february. However, Ed Hervey and Jim Poop will probably hire the next HC of BC-Toronto before, and I’m curious on their choice.

CFL Mexico starts up in February, I think.

Via Mexica!

…Ooooo, right after the underdog Seahawks win the Super Bowl…

I’m on board with that!
Got my “12” jerseys ready. 8)

Along with the AAF.
Soon it will be year round North American football!

Not a chance . The Super Bowl will be won this year by “Gods Team” 8)Ain’t nobody stopping us…Oh Ya… :slight_smile:

Johnny agrees with Bobo on this one. Go Saints!

…wouldn’t be disappointed to see Brees get another title…

The CFL off-season can be a harsh mistress

If this CBA isn’t done by mid Feb/19 it’s going to be a mess. I don’t think any team could even fill out a roster based on who they have signed through 2019. Players not wanting to commit until the CBA is done, who the hel l is going to go to who’s training camp a couple months down the road?

I generally switch to Premiership Rugby. Runs until late may, perfect timing.

I’m not anticipating the season starting on time.

Depop…( or others)I’m curious as to what you think will be the opening figures the players put on the table vs what the owners open with as far as SMS?

7 mil vs 5.5 mil?

If the season gets delayed, there’s no way they push the Grey Cup back, right! They’re trying to not have winter weather, so I assume it will just be chopped off the start if the season

To answer the original question to this thread, "now what’?

Well to start with, I may get some stuff done around my property with all of that spare time on my hands. Saturdays without triple-headers translates into industrious and productive endeavours.

For me, a long cold winter and the wait of 6 months.
Work with painting upgrades to the house.
Have no interest in the No Funners or other sports.
But, this off season proves to be very exciting with the FA and CBA talks.