Now What?

So we await a shoe to drop.

After Popp's meltdown.

After another loss.

After another offensive performance like that. Not counting the Sask game they are averaging less than 15 ppg.

What happens now?

What I think should happen: Popp is fired immediately in both capacities, Abrams or some other assistant becomes interim GM, Reed or Thorpe becomes interim HC, and we play out the rest of this miserable season knowing big changes are ahead.

What I think will happen: nothing. We'll stumble and bumble our way to the same or worse record as last year. In the offseason, Popp will step aside as HC and Wetenhall will take about 100 years to make a terrible hire as Popp's replacement, and the sucking will continue.

My phone will be ringing more than ever to become a season ticket holder again. Can't wait to give that poor boy a piece of my mind.

What happens now....

Well we won't make the post season.

The owner will lose a pile.

Popp will hire a head coach at some point between now and December.

High priced players will be let go so that Popp can cover his lack of scouting success shopping a QB with bags of money taken from this year's SMS.

We will lose players to free agency, next spring.

We will overpay to replace that talent through free agency.

The erosion will continue.

Busiest person in Als-ville prolly Wetenhall's part-time secretary Hazel - who's fielding tons of calls from dormant NCAA and NFL coaches and ADs - who'd think there last chance is putting in time on a CFL chain gang!

What now? Wettenhall won’t fire Popp. It would be nice, but I don’t see it happening. (Popp must have pictures or something). Only Popp can step down on his own, but he has too much pride and arrogance.
There is an old expression. A fish rots from the head down. Only and Only when there is a change starting at the top will we see some promise. Until then fasten your seatbelts we have not reached rock bottom yet. We’re close, however.

My gut is that Popp will step aside now as HC stating a new voice is needed. I hope he is bright enough to recognize that he needs to stop being the story.

I think he will pass it over to Reed. Or Chapdelaine if he would take it ( but I don't think he will...but should)

And Cato will be installed.

I'd give it to Reed. Not convinced that Cato is the real deal.

Ya...i get that. so you think Reed and stay with Glenn?

We have to play both Cato and Adams to find out if they are the real deal or not. We know Glenn isn`t.

And I`m still pissed LeFevour is in Tor. and not here.

He has too start getting cato and adams reps. Glenn just doesn't have it anymore. They are young and will make some mistakes but I saw a seasoned vet throw 2 ints at a crucial time last night so what's the difference. Cato is talented although no sure about him yet. Adams also has a lot to prove but I rea.lyrics believe he will be the guy. Even if they both bomb at least you know and unload them off season and get someone else

Well, the way I look at it, put any QB in the league with this Oline and receiver core and they would not have that much more success. I just don't see the talent we've had in previous years, where are the Kerry Watkins, Copeland's, Richardson's, Cahoon( 1 in a million, I know), Bratton, Kwame C., Chiu, Flory, Sutherland, Lambert, Vercheval. I mean what a line up.
Now, with these guys, I would have no problem putting Cato. With the current Lineup...poor guy would get killed.

The fact of the matter is Jim Popp is not doing his job. Wettenhall has his blame, but for me it's on Popp. At least Bergevin had the balls to say that it was on him...fat chance Popp saying anything like that!! :lol:

:thup: :thup: