First of all . Our Defensive Line was looking better because of the performance of three new individuals :

95 Brandon Peguese
This guy was a beast in the games he played in and finally brought a legit pass rush and created fear FROM THE OPPOSING dline , qb, oc ETC .
I think it is insane that they sat him in favour of Boudreaux and Peach .

97 Davis, Bruce

When Bruce has played he has brought heat 2knd only to Peguese and much more than the other DE’S

99 Davis, Torrey

Has finally brought us A True Defensive Tackle that is a load with high energy and good technique and good against the run in that he can tackle and clog up the middle.

I understand that Torrey was injured for sure but there was talk that Bruce could have played …I think is nuts that we did not play Peguese and used are DLINE that has not produced all year .
Bad pass rush results in more time for the QB and more confidence and more options for play calling and thus exposes an average defensive backfield ..We also felt compelled to blitz with zero pass rush and got burned on that everytime .

  1. I also still think Rey Williams is running everywhere but where the ball is …He clears out the middle and then the QB runs straight up the middle for 10 yards . He is strong , fast and athletic but he can’t read plays and is easily fooled time and time again. We need a new MLB .

  2. We are very fortunate to get Knowlton back next week and we have proven how valuable he is to us as nobody could do the job .

  3. I still don’t think that we have one DB on this team that could start for another CFL team . We need playmakers . Guys that can guard one on one and get interceptions etc .
    Dee Webb was a backup in Toronto and he is the closest we have to a starter back there . Tisdale started for Calgary before too. Beyond that I odn’t see any shutown DB’s.

5 . Solution is to bring in a truckload of NFL cuts to see if there are any big playd db’s that can cover man to man. Keep the Davis’s and Peguese in on the DLINE and look for another decent DT in the meanwhile and bring in some MLB candidates to replace Williams .

6 I am not sure what to do about the offence but we should try to do what montreal is doing with Mcpherson and develop qb’s under Burris to replace Burris when he is done . I think Cortez is terrible as
A head coach in every way ….his speaches are terrible, he disrespects players , he says the same thing all the time ..?we have to play better “ we have to win games? he talks down to the reporters …
The lack of preparation , and the incosistancy , the penalties , the lack of execution, and poor personnel and ratio decisions is a reflection on the head coach …but we are stuck with this guy …

Since we are stuck with Cortez and thus Burris :

I would focus onmaking our defensive backfield better ..VIA TRADE , NFL CUTS , CFL CUTS whatever it takes to get guys that can create turnovers and can guard man to man . Guys like Chris Thompson
Who we gave away fit that description

I would then try to bring in as many good looking young middle linebackers and qb’s as I can to replace Williams and to work on Burris eventual replacement .

I would being in a few more DLINEMEN to compete with The new guys we have Davis’s and Peguese

I think we are OK at the recievers ( import and non imports ) as well as at RB ( Mallet, Terry Grant ) coming back

I also think we have a few good looking young OLINEMEN that we might be looking at next training camp to move into the lineup (Rockhill, Carson ( Calgary ) . Petrus, Moe ( NFL TRYOUTS)

Linebacker to watch if he shows up at camp next year too is Plesius, Frédéric

Looking at the positives :

We have 2 great young Non Import receivers in Fantuz and Giguere and another who can develop into one in Charbonneau( they can be considered ratio busters )
We have great young running backs for next year ( Chevon , Mallet , Terry Grant )
We have some good looking QB’s in Lefevour, Chester and Porter
We have great young import receivers in Chris Williams , Bkari Grant, Aaron Kelly
We have some really good looking OLINE Prospects and youngsters that are learning ( (Rockhill, Carson ( Calgary ) . Petrus, Moe ( NFL TRYOUTS) , Baillargeon, Pascal, Husband, Cody, Postuma, Seamus
We have some good young DLINEMAN with promise ( Peguese. 2 davis’s , Boudreaux )
We have some great looking young canadian linebacker ( KANYA , Plesius, Frédéric ,
Jean-Mary, Patrick)

We have 2 outside linebackers of allstar calibre with plenty left in the tank ( Knowlton, Johnson )

We have some good Looking Canadian talent in the defenice backfield in ( Hinds, Bucknor , Rwabukamba, Chris )
that can be considered ratio busters

I'd start at getting Peguese, B Davis and T. Davis back in the game. I think it was insane to sit Peguese in the Edmonton game.

As far as DB's...I'd be inclined to stick with what we got and see if the improved pass rush etc from the D line helps. I'm tired of letting DB's go because "better is better" only to see those guys we let go get picked up by teams actually making a run to the play offs and playing very well. Ex. Kyries Hebert Mtl, Milt Collins Sask.

Thanks to TO for losing, we are still in it, just catch TO, that would help ease the pain of this year.