now what?

No CEO, No Head Coach, No QB, now what?

Who ever the new head coach is gonna be is going to want an entirely new staff

He wont know the players

We're starting from scratch... again

Bombers wont make post season now.

it will be another interesting offseason, thats for sure

7:00 pm, click on the link I provided in the other thread, Freep is streaming live from the presser.'s been reported the Board has their eye on Tom Wright to take over from Lyle...Greg Marshall will likely be our HC...If those two things happen quickly, we'll have plenty of time to find a QB....I hope...

The press conference won't start at 7:00. That's when the BoD is to meet so it should take a little time before they come out and say anything.

If Marshall is hired as HC, I can see some trades occuring between the Bombers and Ticats. The Ticats wouldn't mind the Bombers' first pick in the draft, and I'm sure Marshall and Khari Jones, who will also go to the Bombers as an OC, wouldn't mind aquiring Adam Tafralis, a QB who is very highly thought of, but who won't get much playing time in Hamilton behind Glenn and Porter.

The board won't hire Tom Wright, for one that would not be a good thing for the Bombers to place someone the BOG fired at their table and he would not be interested. He charged the Blackberry dude 100k just to help him with his bid to buy the Coyotes.

First off, no thanks on a QB with no experience as a starter. I’d rather we give Santos and DiMichele a shot instead. And Tafralis ain’t worth a 1st round pick IMO.

Next step...hmmmmmm....we need to ask the media on who they want as coach....they need someone who they can have a love in with,can come up with rehearsed cute little qoutes and........forget it!Cant we just fire the media as well,I mean if were gonna start over,lets clean house including the scribes. :smiley:

Well my first choice for coach is Marshall if we can get him,other then that,have no clue and dont care,cause they will all be fired at some point,is Rogers still alive,he could always come back to coach the club. :lol:

And as someone to take over for Bauer,no clue again,dont care as long as they have some sense,their name doesnt matter to me I guess.

Consideration for promoting from within:

Mark Nelson has 15+ years of coaching experience at the US college level and in the CFL (5 years as an assistant for 3 different teams and 2 GC rings to show for it), played 7 seasons in the CFL (6 with the Stamps and 1 with the Riders), is from Edmonton and is well liked and respected. Promoting him would mean some continuity and a better chance of keeping the other assistants who are still under contract. Here's the bio that was up for him when he was ST coach at Louisville (job he had prior to coming to the Bombers):

I've also heard some people suggest Rick Campbell, partially based on his resume and also some hoping the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Another name mentioned is Richard Harris, d-line coach.

Just throwing out names right now.

I agree Mark Nelson should be one of the top candidates

X2 ...if not then he better be kept on as DC...

The Bombers should go with Greg Marshall...he knows a lot of the current Bomber players and they respect him. He would give the Bombers instant credibility. Plus, he does a great job. If the Bombers don't hire Marshall, Toronto probably you better hustle.

And as well as he did last year, if Nelson is not promoted to HC, he may be out of a job in Winnipeg. The new guy will probably want to hire all of his own assistants.

Marshall to Winnipeg as HC, and Nelson to Hamilton as DC?

You also need a GM who produces and who commands respect. I'm thinking it will be Higgins.

I'm actually starting to think Marshall may not be the best way to go...Maybe find an Offensive Co-ordinator to become head coach? How about George Cortez, who could maybe bring Dave Dickenson along with him???

I like John Murphy for GM

If the move is to promote from within, Nelson and Harris would be good choices in my opinion. . . but please this time do some due diligence, interview all qualified and interested possibilities. . . not like last time where Bauer just anointed his chosen one, and didn’t even consider any other possibilities (save for a courtesy cup of coffee with Greg Marshall, which appeared just to be window dressing).

We are set at QB with Bishop, only question remains is who will be #2

Considering the revolving door of Coaches, the Bombers need to do this thing right.

Start at the top. Hire the President they want first. Once he's hired, let him hire HIS GM who will in turn hire HIS Coach. If they start with the Coach first, I see another short term Coach coming into the "Peg".

With all due respect Paul, Bishop to me is like Big Bertha without a sight. He can lob a shell 50 miles but don't build your house anywhere near his intended target. After all these years do you think he can be changed? No other team seemed to think so.

Agree 100%. If I may I would like to suggest the BOD seriously look at the man they have installed a interim CEO. Jim Bell has been around for quite a while, has the education, knows the operation and has a great personality. No, he is not related to me...

...Whomever they choose '''i hope they are diligent about the choice.....According to the sun....Asper will have a say on Bauers successor....who in turn will be the person who will surely have in-put on who the Bombers hire as coach....Due diligence...with immediacy.....not an easy task...AND as a long-suffering fan.....there is little or NO-ROOM for error.. :wink: Get it right guys... :thup: