Now what?

I know I’m going to take alot of flack for this, but I have to get it off my chest. I am an avid Ticat fan, but I just can’t take anymore crushing disappointments like the Labour Day fiasco. The boys came out with guns blazing and then proceeded to shoot themselves in the foot. Chang has proven that he is not ready to be a starter and Maas has proven that he can’t finish a game. So now what do we do? My spirit has been crushed and I fear that I have lost faith in this team. Do we write the team off this year to “re-building” and focus on next year? Been there, done that many times now. There doesn’t seem to be any clear cut answer to the woes of the Ticats. They’ve tried everything from bringing in many new players, dumping experienced veterans (I still say that was a huge mistake), shuffling players around, changing coaches and quarterbacks and nothing seems to click. Please tell me where do we go from here? :frowning:

We back up the Brinks truck for Casey Printers!!!!!

Start Lumsden as the QB. Pay him to be both QB and RB, let him hand-off to himself 3 or 4 times for TD runs every game, and boom! the Ticat problems are solved.

Okay my plan for next year ..
(1) Printer at QB we must Get him
(2) New American Tackles
(3) Get some CFL Experience CB .
(4) Change some of the coaches
Here who has to go
a.. OC has to go
b.. New OLine Coach
I saw Enought for Rest they get 1 more year.

5 Fire Marcel and Let Rambo take over as GM.

the biggest problem for about 7 years i've always said is our lack of a good offensive coordinator with imagination,
once we get the proper system in there we got to stick with and build a team corps of players, check out the successful teams and notice how they keep the same group each season except to upgrade (eg bc,mont,calg)

Get Don Matthews.

i was thinking we should have got chapdelaine and before that burratto, instead we get poapoa barressi and a high school assistant instead.

Catbacker: You have summed up the present situation very well.
I am really beginning to wonder about the coaching staff and GM. They have snookered this team into not having a starting QB. Players have been brought in who are no better than the ones they replace. Armstead looks good though. Corey Holmes is gone and played very well in his first game back in Regina. Why was his talented wasted here?
This team right now is playing at a level that is not acceptable in the CFL. Every other team has more depth and a bigger reserve of better players. In addition..I hate to say it...but we are also outcoached by every other CFL team.
I hope this team does not panic and get another QB they can't get rid of but something has to be done at the position. The only one I would keep is Williams. Chang is just not ready for next season.
The defence is coming along but has glaring problems covering the pass.
With nothing else to lose now for the rest of the season, it will be interesting to see what changes are made to improve the product for next season. If we don't win 3 of the first 6 games next season its time to turf the coaching staff and GM. I hope it doesn't come to that but not all of the on-field problems can be blamed on the players. The situation with Maas highlights more than just his sub-par play. It indicates to me that the team's management has made some serious misjudgements. But at least Charlie was correct recently when he said Chang was not ready yet.

any qb (chang,maas) who only gets less than 2 seconds to throw the ball to nowhere is doom to failure.

That accounts for a few plays but look what happened to Maas when he had more than 2 secs...he fumbled the ball without anyone touching him. Not the first time either.
Look a little harder for the real problems on this team. Nothing of substance can happen unless you have a competent starting QB. We don't have one!

I think that just might be a good start but not too sure printers can make that much of a diff!!!!

The qb position in the CFL is important and can make a big difference getting someone like a Printers. The o-line might respond to this as well and also Printers might attract some other players to come here.

Which is the single biggest factor in accelerating the rebuilding process, IMHO.








Might as well start over again!


Two things I think both short and long term

1 Sign Casey Printers a.s.a.p.
2. Sign Jesse Lumsden a.s.a.p. to a two to three year extension.

We must pay to get or keep these two guys

Very hard to be succesful without any type of serious run threat yesterday. Pay these guys what they are worth and the offense goes from worst to 4th or even higher. I still believe our defence needs help particularly in the pass rush and secondary but it's hard to play d when you have no sustained offensive drives.

If these guys will commit to long term deals this team will be in the playoffs next year and I dare say could win 4 of the last nine this year. IMHO

Find someone, anyone, with CFL experience to be your offensive coordinator. US High School coaches, no thank you. Their learing curve is too steep. Who's available? Well, I'd give serious thought to Danny Mac, Matt Dunigan, someone like that. Oh yes, and hire Rob Hitchcock for something....special teams coordinator, defensive coodinator, something. The guy bleeds black and gold and with him on the sidelines, I just bet you'd see the number of penalties on D go dramatically down. Just a hunch mind you.

As a position coach, Rob for sure. For a D-coordinator steeped in the old Steeltown school, Less Browne would be on my Rolodex, having the experience in coaching and the Eat'Em Raw quotient to build with.

Oski Wee Wee.

Makes eminent sense to me. Browne as D Coordinator, and Hitch as LB coach, secondary coach, or special teams.