Now what?

I got this off TSN

Montreal was also without receiver Kerry Watkins (ankle), starting left guard Paul Lambert (knee), and centre Brian Chiu left the game in the third quarter with a knee injury that Popp said will require arthroscopic surgery. Alouettes defensive back Davis Sanchez (knee) and running back Mike Imoh (collarbone) also sustained injuries that Popp said will keep them out for weeks. .

This is big trouble. Sanchez and Chiu being out are huge blows and the runs Imoh had were the most exciting action of the game. Which is sad but still.

So now what? Does Popp have to start looking for replacements? Do we have enough depth? I think he has to show his true skills and find some gems out there. Coaching on the other hand needs to be turned over...

It looks like Payton is going to get a real shot at RB now that Imoh is out. The veteran leadership of Sanchez in the secondary is really going to be missed. Chiu is another tough loss. It really seemed like things were finally coming together last night.

Payton is hurt isn't he? Someone needs to be there next game...Hopefully Payton is almost ready to go and can get in the game. Great chance for him here.

People get hurt when they play Winnipeg

I heard that he is ready to resume practicing. I guess we'll know more in a couple of days.

Jock Climey put out a challenge to Montreal fans last night on TSN. He suggested that Molson Stadium will empty if the Als have a bad year.
There is every indication that this will be a bad year. Into everyone’s life a little rain must fall.
But I suggest we stand by the boys, if only to contradict the stigma that when the going gets tough, Montreal fans run and hide.
Complain, get angry, scream for heads to roll. That’s part of what being a fan is all about.
In the meantime, let’s show Canada (and Jock Climey) that we are devout.

Well said danpel. We need to stand by our guys in bad times as well as good.

people say that because Montrealers deserted the Olympic Stadium when the Expos started loosing. But this is not entirely true, people left the Expos because they were always getting rid of good players. They did that 10 years in a row. When a team doesn't do anything to improve, you lose faith and that's completely normal.

Montrealers love their Als and they won't desert their team after 1 bad year. And this year ain't that bad so far, the played well the last 2 games and they are slowly improving. But if the Als start acting like the Expos and do everything to be a losing team, Yes, they will get deserted.

Remember that Montreal Canadiens do not have an excellent team in the last 10 years, but the Bell Centre has been full for how many years in a row now?

For one cut Edwards and bring Davis and Ranek for a serious look.Davis is a hell of a back and Ranek is perfect for Bellefeuilles pu ssy offense.

At center I'm not sure but with the quantity of Canadian receivers and DB's the Als have. there is probably a way to play an import at the position. chiu will be out at least four weeks.

I thought Jocks comments were out of line last night. The record of fan support for the Als speaks for itself. I thought the Als played really well last night and deserved a better outcome than what they got. If they continue to play that way and get a couple of the injured guys back they will be heard from before the season is done.

Calvillo and Cahoon were on fire last night, too bad about Imoh, he reminds me a lot of Roberts, Thurmon looked pretty good and with Watkins coming back and Stalla, you guys are only going to get better.

Marginal as a receiver, marginal as a commentator

I'm not liking our chances with all the injuries. Our O-line was terrible BEFORE Chiu went down, so how is it going to pass-block effectively or establish the run without its starting centre? Line up all the receivers you want. If the QB has no time to make his throws and is getting pummelled into the turf every other play, this team is going nowhere but down.

You know Doug Flutie played behind some pretty average olines....Calvillo is a stick. Maybe Popp needs to send him to Mexico so he can rediscover his latin roots...I guess we could call him a "stiff"

Completely unfair comparison to one of the greatest scrambling quarterbacks in the history of the CFL. Calvillo is not a scrambler and never has been. He’s a pocket passer with limited mobility. If Popp didn’t know that coming into this year, he’s even more incompetent as a head coach than I already think he is.

That is the point. Popp let Bellefeuille convince him that he could fit Calvillo in his system and get that older still very competent pass blocking Oline stretch the width of the field.

Calvillo "was" a pocket passer with limited mobility. Now he is a "pocket passer with no mobility.

Almost forgot, our starting tailback is a gimped north south power RB... What a mess...

Very competent O-line? C'mon, we are leading the league in sacks against. The tackles have been atrocious at the worst of times and only average at the best. We get beaten upfront even when teams aren't blitzing.