now what do i do

I found out yesterday that my son is playing on a minor football team named....wait for it...THE spinkter slammed shut like a barn door when i heard the news....I want to support my son...but I cant cheer and include the team name...what would my dad say to this...not sure he would allow it....but but

I'd like to know the name of league, location, division or age group. Interested. thanks in advance.

Just yell out go SON go

Thanks for the advise....perhaps i will also ask him to only wear his uniform on the field of play ..never at home...never in my car ...go son go

that league is the OMFL or something i believe, and if you want to change leagues there is always the OVFL to play in with numerous toronto and GTA teams with great coachs

A few years ago I had the same problem however I eased my mind by allowing that the team name was Argos but not the Toronto Argos. Support your son and teach him to hate the Toronto Argos.

You can always go with the generic cheers I recall from years of Brady Bunch watching ... Stuff like "Rah, Rah, Siscumbah .... Goooooooooooo team !!!!!!!". Super lame though, I think rooting for your son's Argos and teaching him the difference between his team and the wretched Toronto team is probably best.

Yay us.

Wouldn't it just be easier to cheer for Toronto too? That way, you only need one football wardrobe.

Artie - get serious. Wear Arrrr.... sweaters. Never me never my kids or grandkids

Just a warning but this is the exact thing that caused a good friend of mine to grow up and Argo fan.

Just start shouting OSKIE WEE WEE instead

It not the Real Argos so go ahead and Cheer

Thanks for all the sound advise...his first year he played for the Renegades....then the the team referrred to as the Argos...i think i have settled on "Go Team Referred to as the Argos, not the Toronto Argos , Go!!" And to the folks that beleive that wearing double blue will lead to adult hood tendancies....come on..thats like saying that if you "fight one dog ....or kiss one guy"....omg.............

you can catch up on some movies! :wink:

you can quit the house league and join a rep team .....hahahahahaha the pee wee ,atom ,tyke TIGERCAT's that way your boy can grow up with the right colors to start and your dad would be real proud

or just cheer for love the game and be color blind and plug your ears when you cheer ...But cheer cheer cheer ...

Good fun post ......

Thanks for everyones input...but i fiqured this out...

I will either cheer Go Agro's....a good hamilton family or Go Alpo's cause after tonight the Blew team down the road will be dog food...

Go Cat's Go

You could arrive late at practice, throw his playbook away, have him strip down after touchdowns and call his coach out, and then wait for a trade.