Now we run the ball?

Now we make a commitment to run the ball!
When the league's best running back is watching from the sidelines dressed in street clothes.

I keep expecting to wake up from this nightmare...

I'll bet Jesse just couldn't believe all those running plays as he stood on the sidelines. If he'd been in the game, I expect Hamilton would have run four or five times, as usual.

There's something very wrong here.

You're right, of course, but it was nice to see Davis in the game and contributing. Get used to it cause Lumsden ain't stickin around this sinking ship.

How do you know what Jesse's plans are, you don't know shit about what he plans to do and neither do I so why speculate like this?

No you're right. But I can't imagine he's a happy guy. It's bad enough that the team is losing but the one game they decide to run the ball is the game he's not playing... gotta shake your head...
I sincerely hope he stays here... He's the one big reason I watch the Cats. He was the reason I watched Mac over the last few years... But I am so ticked off with the way this coaching staff are using him that I fear they are doing everything possible to lose him.
I hope I'm wrong.

It did seem like a strange coincidence that they suddenly discovered the run, but there are logical explanations:
-first-time starting QB = conservative game plan and play calling
-Argos known to be tough to pass against but perceived to be weak against the run
-prep of game plan done before Lumsden's status was known

Whatever the game plan was it was a joke...
When we played Edmonton they were last in the league on run defence,we only ran the ball 8 times...
Im not a pro coach,but if I had Lumsen on my team the game plan would be planned around him..I dont care if the D is waiting for it or not I would run him and a F/B into that line until they were so hurt they couldnt stop a child from running against them.....This has to be the worst offense we have ever had here...


Insulating Chang as much as possible with an aggressive running approach was the obvious m.o. The results were less that spectacular. Lumsden needs 20 touches (including screen passes) for this offense to scare anyone in lieu of a consistent passing game.

Oski Wee Wee,