Now we have a Quarterback in Casey Printers!!!!!!!

I believe that we have a real Quarterback in Casey Printers to compete and destroy our hated Argo's and if casey had played Monday it would have been a different outcome.Casey brings confidence to lift and inspire everyone around him and will make the players around him better.I know we got blown out by the Argos but the real difference was at QB and Bishop's cannon of a arm that shredded our defence.Watchout Casey's coming and he has something to prove !!!!!

I was wondering when someone would start a thread about Printers.

casey is a great upgrade at qb no doubt, but as far as a saviour for this mess, don't fool yourself, a lot of work to be done on this team in many other areas and i'm not convinced we'll get the full effect of what printers can do until our off cordinator can get it done.
that is the biggest hurdle.
but yes hopefully this is a good start.

I have to agree with everything here...he is a great QB no doubt, great arm, great speed...plain and simple, he is DANGEROUS! BUT...he wont be that dangerous without an offensive line that can't sure the fastest guy on the planet can't run around all day with 4 defenders always in his face...I sure hope Casey had a chance to watch some ticat game tape to see how bad the o-line is and prepare himself to get hit! Trade Maas back out west for some O-line help! NOW MARCEL!