Now....we are 1 and 5...what's next ?

First of all...hats off to Williams, dam fine effort. I hope Williams week. I love the never give-up attitude, that he has, I hope that Printers learned something by watching Williams play to-night.

I thought the Offence played, all in all...better. The O-line fell asleep at times...allowed a few sacks, but woke up, and played tighter, BUT, screens or dump-off passes.....?????

The Defence played well in the first half...BUT, why did Creehan go back to that zone defence...AGAIN? And bame, Montreal score a long one...right at the start of the 3rd. ????? PLAY CALLING..on Defence?

Punt Return Team....pooped in their own cornflakes, to-night.

I do think that they have improved...even since last week. we fall to 1 and 5, what's next ?
The losing....has to stop.

Cheers. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

1 and 6 that is what" next

We play the Argos that's next.

I am an eternal optomist, I will be critical, but i will not give up, pending tomorrows eastern matchup, we can still be right in there next week.

1 and 6
here we come

at the beginning of the season, I said that no matter how much ticats improved by end of season, 0-6 was a good possibility. They are already ahead of that. A few more games to get things sorted out and I expect they will start playing 500 ball during last half. I predict 6-12 with good expectation of much better next yr. That is if they can improve the oline.

Not me. I want Casey back.

Richie made some crucial mistakes and his arm is too weak.

I'd prefer Williams start until we work out the oline :wink:

Actually we had one screen but because we just learned it this week it ended in an interception.

It looked like they tried the screen a couple more times but it was covered. Or at least Williams thought it was covered. I thought Lumsden was open on one of them.