Now Trade Printers for Kerry Joseph and D J Flick!

Just here me out. We now have 1 great proven QB in Printers that eats up 15% of our payroll. Congrats Dejardin. Now, trade him to Saskatchewan who are very hungry to win the Cup this year and are a solid contender. Printers turnes them into a guaranteed contender. We get in return, Joseph, another proven , solid QB, who we should have had all along I might add, for half the payroll room and Flick who we should never have given up...... Ok. we'll give them DB Gordon (idiot)to sweeten the pot. What do you think?

Just righting the wrongs!

Thank you, Adam Rita! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

No. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

oh god..

Okay, how about Printers for Ricky Ray and AJ Gass. We still save $100,000 in Cap!


The Riders have a really good thing going this year and I doubt they would ever consider a trade involving two of their top players.

Then again they did trade Armstead.

Trying to be Fiscally responsible here. Ok. Printers for Michael Bishop, Orlando Steinauer(was ours) and Prefontaine(alwats liked him). We save $200,000 in cap.

there's no way Toronto will trade prefontaine

Dont forget we have the #1 draft pick for next year. Ok. Trade Printers and the #1 Draft pick for the entire Edmonton Eskimos Team. No savings in Cap unfortunately.

tell ya what,, we'll give EDM the #1 pick for the entire team, move them all to MTL THAT way Maas reports and we are rid of his whiny ass for good!

You know? you're on to something here. We would save $300,000 in cap money. You are a genius!


See..... win... win!!

maybe maas is worried that he cant find a decent barber to shave his dome in mtl? lol.

Ah..mmmmmmmmm No

Wow this one has "meeting of the minds" writen all over it!!!!!
Ok you two put your helmets back on before you get hurt!!!!!!!!

Other than for Josephs age, I would rather have Joseph than Printers anyday. Riders would be nuts to do a straight up 1 for 1 trade.

I wouldn’t make this trade, not if I was Desjardins, nor if I was Tillman. Both teams have good people they’re happy with at QB the way things are. Time for both to build around their on-field leaders. Saskatchewan is ahead of us now, but we’ll start catching up soon.