Now this is just sad

Im watching ESPN Classic CFL.
Argos VS Las Vegas Possi.
I wanted to watch AC in his rookie season!
First play and AC is hurt and out of the game.

Sadder still,
I dont know who the announcers are but one is calling AC, Calvilla and the other is calling him Calvalo.

Seems the Argo head coach is BILL O'Bilovitch.

And for those viewers who dont know....On a punt, the kicking team must give the returner a ONE yard zone!!!

Yet some how Im laughing!!!

Shows you how far the league has come in a few years.

That X-era SUCKED lol!!!! The anouncers are american need i say more!!!!!! It is pretty cool to go back and watch Pinball dominate even if I Bleed Green for life!!!!