now this is how you do game stats

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TSN could definitely take a lesson from ESPN on that. But the budgets are probably a bit different between the two networks.

its not a matter of cost, its just a matter of efficient design. The only cost difference might be in what it takes to get the more capable people.

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For comparison:

Have to admit, the ESPN page layout is nicer than the TSN page. And you're probably right - not much difference in cost to deliver the side-by-side layout.

...having recently been involved in building a website (from the owner's perspective - i.e - approving the bills) and understanding the complexity that goes into not only the initial architecture but more importantly the ongoing maintenance I wouldn't be so cavalier with your assumption...look, I'm not disagreeing with you that what ESPN does is top line, I'm just saying top line comes with a higher cost...

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having been an IT professional, I can say that I am not being cavalier.

Yes, I admit my experience is in mainframe and client server. However, the general procedures are the same. If we were talking about the whole site, as in comparing the whole espn site to the whole tsn site or the whole nfl site to the whole cfl site, then cost would come into play, partially.

IN this case, it is just one page. This page is not a complicated page. It is not a user interface. It is output only. There is limited if any processing. Simply read and write, with maybe a few calculations depending on the input source. It is all about page layout. Same principle applies to client server screen, or hard copy printout. All it takes is design creativity, vision, and an understanding and caring about what the user wants to see. They could decide to put X amount of info, or 1/2 X amount of info on the same page. Little difference in time effort and cost compared to the big picture.

There is nothing stopping MRX from creating the same page on CFL.CA, except they cannot be bothered or they are not capable, or both. Increased cost would be negligible.

As far as cost for website creation and maintenance goes, I believe that bandwidth can come into play regarding cost and design limits, but again, for just one page as this, I can make a reasonable educated guess that it does not.

The biggest difference in cost that I can think of is what it might take to get the more capable IT personnel.

The TSN game stats pages seem to have the same level of detail as the ESPN site, but the layout is not as easy to use as theirs. I like the side-by-side layout of the ESPN site. Also, I don't like the use of the solid red header lines, but that is the standard that the CFL site has gone with on all its pages, so understandable. That's probably down to a design decision made years ago.

The CFL game stats pages have a much better layout, going with a side-by-side approach. Unfortunately, they also include a third column for fan polls and ads, which limits the amount of room for additional stats. And that's where the CFL pages fall short - they do not have the detail that the other two sites have, although most of he extra stats are the calculated ones, e.g. average carry, completion percentage. They also don't have the breakdown by down that the others have.

So both sites could use improvement. Maybe they'll make them, maybe they won't. It's up to TSN and the CFL to decide what they want and how much they're willing to spend to get it. And maybe it's up to MRX to propose changes to the CFL on what could be done on their site, but not up to them to dictate those changes. And I have no idea who supports the TSN site. Is that MRX as well?

Stats LLC (STATS) is the company that collects and distributes stats for the CFL, NFL, ESPN & TSN. Apparently the CFL is responsible for data entry and STATS packages the numbers and distributes the stats back to the CFL for presentation on the CFL site. These same numbers are distributed to other organizations such as TSN.

Web page layout would likely be up to the owners of the sites.

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