Now this is funny!!!

I was reading posts on this forum in the rider section.For the respect of rider fans, I made the post here.
This is so funny.
You know how I always say they make excuses for their losts.
Well in one thread,they are blaiming themselves.
They say sorry to other rider fans that they are the reason they lost to the stamps.
How funny is this.
You think they would run out of excuses of their teams losses.
Now this!!! TO FUNNY!!!!!!

They were tongue-in-cheek, saskargo. I would think that of all the posters on this site, you would be the first to recognize something in jest, seeing as how you say you're kidding all the time..... :roll:

Well if that is the case.
It will be my fault the riders don’t make the playoffs.
Sorry rider fans.It is my fault.

Well if that's the case Saskargo you better hope no Rider fans dump manure on your driveway.

Yeah roughy.
The true classact of a rider fan.
Throwing manure on peoples lawns.
It will show once again how rider fans really are!!!

It showed how CERTAIN Rider fans are, not all Rider fans.

O.K. not spankeedisco.
Besides her,all rider fans are like that!!!

.....mmm hmmmm.....ignorance is bliss, eh saskargo? You're proving it here by your blanketed statements again......

Just telling the truth jmo2,just telling the truth!!!

The truth as you see it is nowhere close to what it actually is. At least intelligent people have the capacity to not make sweeping incorrect generalizations. You’re looking like an idiot when you make stupid statements such as that, and if you believe that to be the truth, you need more help than I thought. “Just telling the truth, saskargo, just telling the truth!!!”

She's just trying to get you worked up JM02. If she has an IQ above 60 she won't believe the things she types.

Cant handle the truth jm02?
Don't forget I was born and raised in Saskatchewan.
I know the riders are like a religon out there.
They might not all throw manure on lawns.However if you insult their team or don't cheer for their team you could get the crap kicked out of you.
I have seen it.
That being said,it shows how much class the rider fans are!!!
Truth hurts!!!

As for you roughy.You are the one that started the manure thing on here.
Why would you say it? I will tell you why.You are a rider fan,and actions like this are normal!!!

roughyfan, I'm as cool as a cucumber.....not worked up at fact, I sleep better knowing that she proves evolution works in reverse more and more with every post she writes.....

saskargo, just because you believe it doesn't mean it's true. The Riders are not my religion - they are a team I cheer for. If they ceased to exist, the world would go on turning, and my life would not be decimated.....the thing is, you claim to not attack Rider fans, which is a complete joke. You do it every day, albeit in a roundabout way. I fancy myself a rather classy fan, who calls it like she sees it. Obviously you don't spend much time on this board, or you'd understand that. Oh, that's right.....if it's not bashing Riders or their fans you're not interested. Sorry - forgot about that. If you "knew lots about football" as you continually claim, you would come up with a lot more than the useless garbage you generally post.'re not worth my time. There's sixty seconds of my life I can never get back. I shouldn't have even responded to you. I've apparently just engaged in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.....

saskargo, so you're saying that since I don't throw manure on people's lawns, then I automatically beat people up for not being a rider fan? Or for insulting the riders? C'mon, really?

Sure, you've seen it. I've also seen snow in July. Does that mean that it snows every day? Not really.... but it could, so I should say that every day, it might snow, cause I saw it that one time. Is that about right with your line of thinking?

I'm not woth your time.Good comeback!!!
Classy you are not.
I have always said I was on this forum to bash rider fans.I never said that I didn't.It is great.
I have been on here for 2 years now.Long before you.
Like I said before.If you don't like my posts, then ignore them.
With that in mind.Saskatchewan is a great place to go fishing.You throw out the bait,and they start to bite!!!SUCKERS!!!!!!!

It was a tongue in cheek comment aimed at two classless Rider fans. It was also to show that as a Rider fan I can make fun of Rider fans who do dumb things.

I actually thought it was obvious I was trying to portray that but I guess it went over your head.

Seems like everything is tongue and cheek with you rider fans.
Well that is what you say.
Deep down inside you know that it isn't tongue and cheek!!!
Hey Roughy you should take that hook out of your mouth!!!