Now this is funny.

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Ha, I love how one of the Riders distinguished alums is Michael Bishop....

this has got to be one of the WORST articles about the CFL ever!

it's so inaccurate! and he truly doesn't know what he's talking about!

Oh relax. It was a funny article that had some inaccuracies but nothing major.

Agree, it's just a joke but basically says the author is a joke and comes across as a joke, that's ok, it is exactly 100 percent what it is, unlike some of the journalism I read that is an actual put down to our game, this article is anything but because there is no pretension about it. To be cataloged in the satire section I believe.

watery Canadian beer???? thats a low

That must be a typo. He probably meant "thirst quenching Canadian beer." It happens...

Reading that article made me think of a book that I'm currently reading....

Twoflower was a tourist, the first ever seen on the discworld. Tourist, Rincewind had decided, meant 'idiot'. -[i]Terry Pratchett, The Colour of Magic[/i]
The author of the linked article is a tourist.....

I agree that it is funny.Problem is that ppl who are against the CFL or who know nothing of the League will believe every word of it.

Maybe we should ask ourselves why we get upset when an american insults our beer... :roll:

Didn't do his research, and generally doesn't know what he's talking about, but I agree with him about some of CFL teams' uniforms. Some of them look ridiculous, almost like high school unis. Calgary, Montreal, Hamilton.....there were some sharp looking ones before the league-wide redesign a few years ago.

Calgary, Montreal and hamilton look like highschool uniforms? Huh?
First off, I've seen some great highschool uniforms.
And second, don't ya know this guy was trying to be typically American?
Running down something because its played in a foreign country.
I like Calgary's red uniforms. And Montreal's
And lastly, whenever I see the Hamilton uniforms they have the same colours as teh Pittsburgh Steelers.
I think this guy was trying to be funny for his American readers, if he has any, and was grasping at straws.
Face facts here.
This guy is a typical American blowhard who should stick to covering sports from his own country.

For sure about high school uniforms, I'd say more than half of the high school uniforms I have seen over the years make CFL or NFL or CIS or NCAA uniforms look bad. Take the NY Giants, I mean those are the most plain monotonous uniforms I've ever seen, well next to Penn State's I guess.

Well... my take after reading it is that the article was written trying to be funny in the eyes of the American non-CFL knowledgeable audience it was aimed at. But.. if you dont like that, or just generally dont like the typical perception that the American media seems to often have of the CFL; there are ways to change it. If the league cant televise its games on a widely accessible cable channel like ESPN2 or something else that has widespead carriage... Maybe it ought to work up a weekly highlights show like the one that FOX sports has for the English Premier Soccer League.

This show has highlights from all significant league matches, touching for at least a quick shot on all the games. It has a featured "Match of the week" other features on players, coaches, great shots and plays etc. It also features news on player transactions and the business side of the league. I think its time for the CFL to start managing & manufacturing its own image and PR instead of allowing the American media, & the Canadian media for that matter (Toronto's media held in these pages to be very heavily CFL negative) to call the shots.

A well produced highlights & news show with dramatic music and good reporting & features could win a lot of new fans and at least some of the media over. CFL needs to stop reacting, (or even worse; not reacting !) & start being pro-active re: its image & PR.

Watery compared to the stuff in Australia maybe but not compared to the US. Anyone remember the Monty Python sketch with the 3 Bruces. One Bruce asks "How is American beer like making love in a canoe." The second Bruce says "I don't know, Bruce. How is American beer like making love in a canoe?" and the first Bruce replies "They're both f**king close to water."

I agree. I have often thought that the CFL needs to market itself better. The game is solid, the talent is there. Let’s see some slick NFL Films type promos. For that they need to invest in more camera’s and more people working the games.