Now this is community involvment re:Nick Perkins

I caught this story on ch news and seeing as nobody's mentioned it yet...

Our teams vice president (Mark Bowden) while watching the news on the recent Nick Perkins story,


noticed the boys father was wearing Ticats gear and came up with the idea to run the story on the tiger vision tomorow. He contacted the HWRP and at some point during tomorows game they'll be running a clip describing the case and hoping somebody at the game will be able to help out.

Good on ya Cats. :thup:

If I'm wrong on anything by all means please corect me and if possible it would even be nice to know at what point in the game it will run.

Good eyes canucklehead.

Right now the spot is set to run on the Tiger Vision during the 2nd break of the 3rd quarter, right after the Chicken Dance. That timeout usually happens around the 9 minute mark or so.

Keep your eyes peeled.

See you tomorrow at Ivor Wynne!!!

I think this is a great idea and I love seeing the Cat's organization getting involved with this.

I read that when I got home last night and I was very touched and proud to see the Ticats making this step.

What a wonderful thing to do and I hope they catch the pond scum that did this to that poor kid.

pond scum
Why insult pond scum bg? Great of the team to help out like this.

We want to express our thanks to the Ti-Cat organization for what they have done to help our son Nick. We are very grateful for their involvement and assistance. If this brings just one tip to the attention of the police it may just be the right one.

Our utmost appreciation to the Ti-Cats, the fans and all of the citizens of Hamilton for their support during this very difficult time.


Nickie and George McGee

Right on Beet!

Good luck Nick!

The Ceilidh House is hosting a small benefit on Saturday July, 26th for Nick Perkins and his family. To learn more about the event, or donate items for the raffle please check out the Facebook event posting:

Thats just horrible.. people that are capable of this kind of thing should never be allowed in society again. Put them all on an arctic island and air drop them food.

Makes you really appreciate good people.

Why bother with the food drop ????

There is also a BBQ at the Central police station this Thursday July 24th. It's also a fundraiser for Nick. 11:00am till 2:00 pm.