Now this I would like to see

On a short kickoff where there are two or more players behind the guy that receives the ball, he could punt it back, and one of those now onside and hopefully speedy guys could race down and recover the ball. With all the kickoff team heading the wrong way, good possibility of it working, assuming the guy can punt at all.

I always thought sending everyone deep to one side of the field on a hail mary.... then one player probably a runningback sneeking out of pass protection after about 4 seconds or so and running out deep to the opposite empty side of the field...
You'd need about 6-10 seconds to pull this off so you'd probablly need a mobile QB... However... often on those hail mary plays...they only rush 3 guys... so it could be possible

Probably wouldn't work, the defense would leave a spy which would take out the running back, but if you had a Michael Vick on your team you could have him take off an get an easy 40+ yards.

That would be mayhem!

yeah, I am sure they would have to give the refs a heads up ahead of time.

and the refs would probably go over the loud speaker and say number 25, 36 and 49 are eligble on this play. They do this to the riders when they bring in an offensive lineman to be another tight end. You don't think the riders have a set play where this guy is the primary makes it hard to do i though when everyone in the stadium knows he's eligible.

Players wearing ineligible numbers have always had to report when they line up in an eligible position. It’s just that this year they’ve started announcing it to the crowd, but they’ve always pointed it out on the field for the defence to be aware.
Even if it wasn’t announced, the D should always be aware of any player lined up eligible. Leave it up to the refs to worry about whether they reported or not.

I understand that its something they started to do...but it gets tiresome when they say number 57 is reporting as eligible for the 20 time in a game thats all

I liked it better back in the day when they had to put on different numbers.