Now they MUST win 2 and they do NEED HELP

To get into the playoffs, the Cats now must win both of their remaining games.

If they do, and their win over TOR is by 9 pts. or more, they will finish 2nd if TOR also loses next week in Regina.

If they do win 2, but not by 9 pts. or more in the win over TOR, they can finish 3rd and make the playoffs only if EDM loses both of their remaining games. (@ MTL and vs. CAL) Both of EDM's opponents have nothing to play for as their finish is already set -- MTL 1st and CAL 2nd.

HAM's loss in Calgary puts SSK into the playoffs. They will finish either 3rd or cross over into the ESF if they finish 4th behind EDM.

If HAM loses in the Ivor Wynne finale, next week they will finish 4th.

cheers to first round pick

Correction, first overall pick! :lol:

IIRC Hamilton can't finish 2nd.

If they tie Toronto, head to head is the tie breaker, not point differential. Toronto owned Hamilton this year.

I think if we win by 8, we would win the tie breaker. Each team would have 2 wins. The second tie breaker is point differential.

Thanks for the clarification!

Can you imagine finishing 2nd, hosting a playoff game with a record of 7-11?

If they finished the season tied in the standings, they'd each have won 2 games against the other, and the first tie breaker is Points For & Against in those 4 games. With a victory by 9 pts. or more on Nov. 1, HAM would win the tie.

With a victory by 8 pts.,they tie wouldn't be broken and the next tie breaker would be number of victories this season against Eastern Division teams and that wouldn't break the tie either as they'd each have 5 wins. Then the tie breaker becomes Points For & Against in all games played against all Eastern Division teams and HAM would win that one.

With a victory by less than 8 pts., TOR wins.

Ain’t gonna happen…

This team just shot what little wad it had left this evening…

We’re playin’ for draft picks…Again…

I confused them with Winnipeg which has won the season series
with 2 wins already

I understand...But neither team will make the play offs...

The Stupor Bowl goes next Saturday!!!

None this will ever happen. The Fates won't allow it. To have an underachieving team such as Hamilton involved in a series of events such as those above, would upset the balance of the universe.

Doesn't look good. Winnipeg is playing with a lot of pride. Buck Pierce knows how to move the offense. Ricky Ray will be playing his second game after his injury. If Hamilton loses their next game will the back up quarterbacks get to play in the last game?